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August 22
21:57 2019 Explains How One Can Handle a Late Rent Payment Notice

If anyone knows anything about being part of middle-class America, then you that there have been times due to low wages and government shutdowns that people have been late paying their rent. According to, a late payment rental notice is given to the renter to let them know that they are not only late but must pay a fee with what they owe in a certain amount of time or risk being evicted. This is a top priority over everything because it can render a family homeless if they are getting behind in rental payments. The best thing to do is talk to the landlord about making arrangements to get it and so that you don’t find yourself with nowhere to go.

Seeking Help

It’s always to consider seeking help if you find yourself in this situation. Most of the time if you talk to the landlord, they will give you more time to pay than what the notice stated simply because you are probably on time without complaint before an issued caused your lateness. Things do happen and communication is key to ensure that you will not be kicked out of your living space. Of course, you will have to stay on top of the subject on what every landlord and tenant should know about New York’s rent laws and get an understanding of their rights along with what is expected of them. If you have a compassionate landlord, then consider yourself lucky because most people don’t. That’s why it’s crucial you take care of getting your payments in on time and if you are late you can place your rent off in the dropbox and pay the rental fee later so it’s not added to next month’s rent. You having that late notice in hand gives the landlord leverage for eviction.

Looking At The Laws

If you truly want to understand the laws of renting apartments, you can look at the AAOA or anyone else to see what’s available as far as the information goes. If you do not have all of the money you can pay what you do have. Once you get paid again, then you can take care of the other half plus the late fee if they are ok with that. There are some apartments that won’t charge a late fee if you can pay at least half of the majority. That may not be in one of the laws.

It’s important to communicate with your landlord if you know your rent is going to be late. Some of them are known to wave the late fee because of your honesty. This will help you with your peace of mind.

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