Brandon McPeak Helps Business Owners Market Like a Pro with AnalyticsAscent

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Brandon McPeak Helps Business Owners Market Like a Pro with AnalyticsAscent

Brandon McPeak Helps Business Owners Market Like a Pro with AnalyticsAscent

AnalyticsAscent Program Creator Brandon McPeak
Learn What Works and What Doesn’t in Marketing in Less Than 30 Days

AUSTIN, TX – Running a business is one thing, but marketing properly is another. It’s not enough to have a quality product or service, reasonable prices, and competent staff. At the end of the day, no business survives without customers.

And what does it take to attract (and keep) customers? Marketing is the easy answer, of course, but when it comes to the technical aspects, most entrepreneurs tend to get intimidated. Luckily for them, Brandon McPeak, Idea Man of Action and founder of the AnalyticsAscent program, is a master of marketing analytics and wants to help entrepreneurs everywhere market better, with less wasted time and money.

Brandon is a marketing coach and guru with years of experience in web development, SEO, advertising, funnel marketing, conversion optimization, web analytics, and more. For entrepreneurs everywhere, those terms are familiar but also tend to be intimidating. Even for seasoned business veterans, what’s scarier than spreadsheets? If that’s the case, his AnalyticsAscent program may be exactly what they need to optimize their marketing strategy and launch them to new heights of success.

AnalyticsAscent is a program that takes business owners through the process of developing and implementing a web analytics system, step-by-step. Deep analysis of web traffic can offer lessons not only in increasing web traffic itself but also on how to market to specific customers effectively. Most entrepreneurs tend to put a lot of resources into marketing, but they do so “blindly,” without analyzing how or why their strategies are effective (or, more likely, ineffective). AnalyticsAscent aims to give direction to entrepreneurs, digital marketing firms, and freelancers seeking to boost their marketing game.

“First, we help people plan their analytics and pixel setups, with the help of pro techniques and tools like our own expert templates that help identify the right conversions and key performance indicators to track for their business,” Brandon says. “Then, we walk them through not just setting up analytics, but setting up their tracking to enable better results on ad platforms like Google and Facebook, including helping them create audiences for future retargeting.” Essentially, this is an in-depth course on how to make use of two of the biggest digital marketing platforms on the internet.

Starting in January, he is launching the AnalyticsAscent beta, the first of many planned programs to help business owners develop, implement, and refine their digital marketing strategies in order to boost their sales and retain a loyal customer base. Sign-up is easy, affordable, and offers the best value for any business.

These are the secrets that the most successful startup companies and digital marketing agencies use to their full advantage. With a global crisis in full swing and many people out of work, struggling entrepreneurs will find a treasure trove of valuable information in the AnalyticsAscent program. And the marketing insights they’ll get from their new reporting setups might lead them to a gold mine.

For more information, visit the AnalyticsAscent website. To learn more about Brandon, visit his website, or contact him and his team via email at [email protected]

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