Jiwanta Panday Casting Nets on Musical Waters and Reeling in Big

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Jiwanta Panday Casting Nets on Musical Waters and Reeling in Big

Jiwanta Panday Casting Nets on Musical Waters and Reeling in Big

Nepalese rapper, producer, and songwriter Jiwanta Panday is taking over stages and airwaves as he relentlessly pursues music greatness. The Irving, Texas native has more than enough grit, talent, and charisma to overcome all challenges to make a name for himself in the music industry. Today, he is poised to conquer the spotlight as he puts out hard-hitting tracks like his recent successes, “Crash Out” and “Racks.”

Recently, Jiwanta has networked immensely with influencers and musicians and gained much ground and success through his efforts. He got a cosign from NAV, a musician, and Instagram influencer with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. The Texas-based rapper and artist also appears regularly on the artist $not’s Instagram stories and went live on Trippie Redd’s Instagram stories as well last November 12, 2020. Premier producer CashMoneyAp has also shown Jiwanta love multiple times by resharing his Soundcloud tracks on his social media platforms. 

Accordingly, Jiwanta Panday’s songs have been making rounds all over the web and beyond. His song “Crash Out” appeared as the official soundtrack for a clothing brand’s advertisement. The apparel company TrapStarLondon currently has more than 313,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 followers on Facebook. The artist’s remix of the song “Bank Account” by 21 Savage has picked up momentum and gathered over 700,000 views since its release and helped him reach over 40,000 new followers on Instagram. 

Jiwanta Panday migrated to the States from his hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal, back in 2006. He landed in Irving, Texas, then later moved to Euless in 2016. If there’s one thing that’s on the artist’s mind all the time, it’s music. Jiwanta is exceptionally passionate about his craft and continually finds ways to develop electric material that gets people on their feet. When asked why music means so much to him, Jiwanta shares that his craft is more than just a hobby. It’s his legacy. “We all have an expiration date and the sad truth is after our grandkids we probably will never be brought up or mentioned again,” shares Jiwanta. “I want my name to be remembered.”

And listening to Jiwanta Panday’s songs gives people something to remember. His sound is unique, and his flow easily recognizable. Jiwanta makes it a point to create tracks and art covers that catch people’s attention and keep them riveted. Accordingly, he has received support from many fans and collaborators. Today, his music has reached millions of people with a total of  5 millions streams on all platforms in 2 years.

In the next five years, Jiwanta Panday hopes to become a mainstream favorite in the music scene. He still considers himself part of the underground scene but hopes to come out of the dark soon. His drive is his aspirations of working with various music greats and living his life doing what he loves most. 

Jiwanta continues to deliver massively successful tracks that continue to take over radio waves. In the coming days, he hopes to increase his network and collaborate with more producers and artists to develop music that will shape the rap scene. 

To learn more about Jiwanta Panday, visit his Spotify, YouTube channel, Soundcloud, and Instagram account. 

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