NeoDen New product Arrival: Online AOI machine, Offline AOI machine

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NeoDen New product Arrival: Online AOI machine, Offline AOI machine

Yesterday, NeoDen company launched 3 products, an online AOI machine, an Offline AOI machine and fully automatic visual printing machine. This product makes our SMT product line more perfect. Now, this article will introduce these three products below.

Online AOI machine

High Precision: Multiple software analysis methods, multiple application modes, high-precision motion system

High Efficiency: One maintenance workstation confirms the detection data of multiple online machines to realize full automatic process management and control.

Inspecting Content: Missing parts, misalignment, tilted feet, virtual soldering, offset, pole reversal, tombstone, bridging, less tin, floating pins, bent pins, etc.

Offline AOI machine

Detecting System

Detection project: Miss parts, missing tin, short circuit, false welding, wrong parts, extremely reverse, monument, reverse type, etc.

Detection element:The Chip element(more than 01005), IC(0.3mm)=pitch), foot FPCB components etc

Checkable size:L400*W320mm

Optical System

Detection method:Template matching, luminance extraction, luminance average, brightness minimum, brightness maximum color extraction, circular detection Character detection, offset detection, angle detection, etc

Industrial camera:1 set of the high-definition color camera, HIKVISION or Basler optional

Light source:1 set of RGB circular multi-angle LED light source

Camera lens:1 set of high-definition telecentric lenses, DOF: 4mm

Resolution:15μm Standard(10μm、15μm、20μm Optional)

Full automatic visual printer

  1. Four-way light source is adjustable, the light intensity is adjustable, light is uniform, and image acquisition is more perfect; Good identification (including uneven mark points), suitable for tinning, copper plating, Gold plating, tin spraying, FPC, and other types of PCB with different colors.
  2. Real-time detection of solder paste margin (thickness) on stencil, intelligent prompt tin adding

NeoDen provides a full SMT assembly line solutions, including SMT reflow oven, wave soldering machine, pick and place machine, solder paste printer, Reflow oven, PCB loader, PCB unloader, chip mounter, SMT AOI machine, SMT SPI machine, SMT X-Ray machine, SMT assembly line equipment, PCB production Equipment SMT spare parts, etc any kind SMT machines.

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