QYK Brands Introduces Microbes Wiping Amid Fight Against Bacteria and Viruses

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QYK Brands Introduces Microbes Wiping Amid Fight Against Bacteria and Viruses

QYK Brands, a company founded by Rakesh Tammabattula who is also the CEO of multiple successful companies throughout the tech, beauty, wellness, and personal care industries, Now collectively headed under the single enterprise, QYK Brands. As an inventor with multiple patents under his belt, Rakesh’s key strategy for success is his focus on quality. He is mastering the manufacturing industry for wet wipes with his go big or go home mindset, and is taking over Smarter Health & Wellness Solutions. QYK Brands is getting exponential growth under the leadership of its founder by identifying opportunities and taking big challenges. The company is offering huge sales, promos, and giveaways of the year with their amazing products, especially hygiene products to protect your skin in a healthy way in this COVID pandemic time. So, protect your skin and keep yourself healthy with amazing products at affordable prices. 

QYK Brands was established in 2017 and offers its products under various well-known brands including QYKSONIC, and Dr. J’s Natural. The company’s prime supply source is surface and hand disinfectant wipes. As the supply and demand for disinfectant materials and products in the era of Covid-19 is sadly sweeping the nations. In this new normal everyone is trying to adjust or fight with this severe virus, so the demand for disinfectant products has increased more than ever, hence, an equal supply is a necessity.

QYK understands that creating awareness among people about their self-care and overall wellness through hygiene products is an important thing, so that everyone may feel confident about their skin. The advanced skincare devices are designed with the latest technology to achieve healthy, radiant skin. With a passion for promoting high-quality health, beauty, and overall wellness through unique products, education, and initiatives that encourage habits of wellness and personal care, it’s no wonder that the business is booming. The increased demand for personal care and hygiene products has allowed for the expansion of manufacturing operations into a brand new 100,000 square foot location in Garden Grove, CA with state-of-the-art equipment to produce more and more hygiene and self-care products.

Nowadays people put special attention to the products they are using, ingredients used in those products, what diet they should follow, etc. All these efforts increase the demand for personal care and health care products. Dr. J’s Natural, health, beauty, and PPE manufacturer and distributors offer huge sales, giveaways, and promotions.  Dr. J’s Natural supplements and cold pressed juices to help keep their body healthy in an all natural way. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements, skincare, and beauty products to the community. Dr. J’s Natural provides hand sanitizer wipes and other PPEs that are still in stock. They are part of an Affiliates program and have secured affiliate promotions with allure.com, cosmo.com, GQ.com, People.com, and many others.

Rakesh Tammabattula understands the key points of success completely and tries to maintain a positive attitude towards business and company issues which helps him to achieve success in any situation.

Tammabattula is leading initiatives and QYK is thriving. He said:

“We went all in so much that one wrong turn could have killed everything.

“This all-bets-are-in attitude has driven and greatly promoted business growth and success. The numbers don’t lie with the company having its most prosperous advancement year yet, with a 30% ten-fold increased projection for next year, in 2021.”

He continued: 

“It’s happening and we are doing it.

“In this era of COVID 19 when everyone is looking for clean and hygiene products, healthy and cleaner hands are always here for it.”

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