Cosmo “Rockstarfari” Gordon on Building Success From the Ground Up

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Cosmo “Rockstarfari” Gordon on Building Success From the Ground Up

Cosmo "Rockstarfari" Gordon on Building Success From the Ground Up

The reality that countless aspirants have to face involves starting their dreams with nothing but their passion on their backs. For a lot of people who want to dip their toes in the music industry, in particular, resources could be scarce, and support from families and friends could be minimal because although pursuing a career in music is no longer frowned upon, there are still those who consider lifelong engagement in the arts as a moneyless endeavor. 

Committed to inspiring others to chase after their dreams even when they are starting from the ground up, Cosmo “Rockstarfari” Gordon, also known as Chrominati, is the music scene’s rising star. This producer and audio engineer wants to serve as a source of inspiration, showing hopefuls that success is possible even for those born without a silver platter. 

Hailing from the East New York area of Brooklyn, Cosmo Gordon has always had an affinity toward music. Ever since he was young, his blood sang beats and rhythms, and during his teens, he immediately took the necessary steps toward making a name for himself in the highly competitive industry. He was discovered by LeAnetta Robinson, who is hip-hop royalty, and Hussein Fatal of Tupac Shakur’s group, Outlawz.

During his teens, he teamed up with a young Christopher Dupree, forming a hip-hop collective that would come to grace numerous stages, including BET, MTV, The Battle of the Bands, Bamboozle, and so many more. In the years since then, Cosmo Gordon has found his name printed in numerous publications and has participated in commercial campaigns. He has also worked with the RIAA-certified music production collective Tunnelvision and is working with country music artist Austin Tolliver. 

This multi-talented artist takes pride in his skills in writing and producing songs that belong to different genres of music. Since he believes that music has no one sound and no genre is superior, he does not hesitate to pour his imagination and use his skills to craft songs from various categories. Refusing to be boxed in one limited field, he plans to leave a mark in the industry through his creative outputs and endeavors. 

Armed with big plans for the future, Cosmo Gordon is banking on his 20 years of experience acing the game and building a brand from scratch. He plans to capitalize on the recent development in technology and the various opportunities that social media and web-based platforms have provided artists looking to expand their reach and touch people from all over the globe. 

In the coming years, Cosmo Gordon is set to continue demonstrating excellence as a musician. Showcasing his talents on major music sites and working his magic on tracks that are bound to find their way to listeners’ playlists, this go-getter is not stopping until his impact is felt worldwide. 

Above anything else, this multi-faceted personality is also dedicated to pushing others to take a step toward the fulfillment of their goals. Through his artistry and impressive discography, Cosmo Gordon intends to send across the message that perseverance, passion, and tenacity matter more than initial headstarts — that could come in the form of connections or money — in the long run. 

Learn more about Cosmo Gordon by visiting his Instagram and Twitter page.

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