Troy Bronson, Photographer with Unique Vision and Incredible Life Story, Releases New Book Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable

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Troy Bronson, Photographer with Unique Vision and Incredible Life Story, Releases New Book Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable

Having survived and thrived against all imaginable odds, author offers a unique take on this year’s global drama and issues

Today, Troy Bronson, the photographer whose remarkable life story is one of beating unimaginable odds to live the American dream, announced the launch of his new book, Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable. Bronson’s life experience includes being abandoned at age one, growing up amid extreme poverty and violence in Mexico before arriving in the US and attending UC Berkeley — and then getting to work with Oscar nominated directors and traveling to 34 countries as a photographer and location scout. With this background, Bronson has a unique take on this year’s global drama and issues, which have affected every person and most aspects of society.

The book takes the reader through his point of view and his distinctive perspective when it comes to hardships and having to walk through challenges. Bronson discusses COVID-19, loss of life, health issues, job loss, political upheaval, abuse of power and equal rights for all. This litany of 2020’s crushing blows, which should have frightened even those who have experienced many of these heavy issues, does not scare Bronson.

“I am an aspiring artist, writer and media producer,” said Bronson. “Before writing Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable, I gained experience working in fashion, film and TV location scouting. It is a privilege to be a huge supporter of the art world. My latest passion for photojournalism has taken me to the most inspirational places. I am enthusiastically engaged as a community volunteer and advocate both in my home state of California and abroad. I think it is necessary to appreciate and experience the lives of others.”

Ever the optimist, based on his own life experiences, Bronson sees the positive in everything and is able to summon his energy to move forward. He acknowledges that society has seen growth and should apply new knowledge and insight to make the world a better place. He discusses the potential of humankind trying to see the best in each other and encourages people to always take the high road for the good of all, especially for inner peace and harmony.

Bronson is based in the United States, but his work now comprises being an international photographer. He discovered the love of photography in his youth. His talent was acknowledged at that point, with Bronson receiving numerous awards as a young person. He developed his skills in fashion photography and had the exciting opportunity to work with noted designers in Mexico and in the U.S. After moving to Los Angeles, Bronson worked for Bastien Dubois, the Oscar-nominated French Animated Film Director of Madagascar. Dubois gave Troy the incredible opportunity to be a location scout for feature films and continue explore and refine his photography talent.

Bronson has dedicated the book to his 19-year-old self, who once could only say “Hello, how are you?” in English with a promise to himself that once he had mastered the English language, he would write a book. “I am glad to report ‘Mission has been accomplished!’” Bronson added.

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