Advantage Personal Training Offers Quality Strength Training and Athletic Development Programs in Ann Arbor, MI

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Advantage Personal Training Offers Quality Strength Training and Athletic Development Programs in Ann Arbor, MI

Advantage Personal Training Offers Quality Strength Training and Athletic Development Programs in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor, MI – Exercising is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, increases strength, increases energy and can help to reduce stress besides helping to keep an adequate weight. Advantage Personal Training understands that, so it offers customer-centric personal training to people who want to improve performance on the ice, court or field, lose weight and improve fitness, regain strength and feel better and move pain-free in everyday life.

About their custom-made training plans, the company’s representative says, “We help people between the ages of 30-65 to live more, play more, and feel stronger than ever before so they can be active with their family and friends and get back to the things they love to do. Our customer-centric approach is what makes it different from other training centers, as our members can find the support they need with a plan specifically designed for their own physical condition.”

Since its founding in April 2012, Advantage Personal Training has been offering quality strength training and athletic development programs, bringing together a team of talented coaches, physical therapists and life players, with the goal of continuing to grow and continue to offer smart, responsible and effective training for youth, teens, adults and teams.

Their award-winning training system was developed with Darryl Nelson, a leader in the sports performance industry from USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program. His expertise has allowed Advantage to develop the most highly regarded training system in the area. 

At Advantage, members are trained according to their progression, beginning with basic strength and fitness skills all the way to specialized sport specific training. Younger clients (ages 8-12) are trained to improve athleticism and strength, to improve balance and coordination, increase bone density and strength and recruit muscles more efficiently; teen and collegiate (ages 13-22) are trained depending on their physical maturity level and training experience to increase force production and to increase muscle size; adult clients (age >22) are approached with a combination of aerobic and resistance training to help them maintain their health and active lifestyle. All of their programs are overseen by a certified Personal trainer that makes sure their clients can all reach their fitness goals.

Clients may apply for their 21-day risk-free trial and get a one-on-one game plan session to set goals and map a specific path to achieve them as well as a personalized strength training program, 21 days of unlimited personalized training in a class setting and all the nutrition support and accountability needed to be successful in a supportive environment.

“I was a member at Advantage for about 2 years and it has been by far the best gym I’ve been a part of (sadly I had to move for work). As an ex-athlete, I like that extra push from a coach and Advantage was the perfect place for me. I received personal programming based on my goals and needs after receiving a fitness assessment from Brian. I saw a ton of improvement in my weak areas, became a lot stronger and overall healthier during my time there.” Said a past member about his experience at Advantage Personal Training. 

Advantage Personal Training is located at 2121 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48103. Contact them via phone at 574-850-2250 or via email at [email protected] For more information about this Ann Arbor personal trainer, visit their website.

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