Kiperline Launches Next Generation of USB-C Monitors: Skyline Gen-9 Wireless Portable Monitor

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Kiperline Launches Next Generation of USB-C Monitors: Skyline Gen-9 Wireless Portable Monitor

Kiperline Launches Next Generation of USB-C Monitors: Skyline Gen-9 Wireless Portable Monitor
As a new-gen brand, Kiperline understands the importance of convenient technology and its accessibility. So, on December 15 Kiperline launches its new Wireless Portable Monitor, to equip everyone’s reality with a powerful and convenient tool.

Dec 15, 2020 – Kiperline, a tech brand at the forefront of adopting new-age performative technology, has joined the external portable display market with the launch of their own take on wireless portable monitors with the launch of their Skyline Gen-9 wireless PM. The simplicity and no-frills aesthetics and design considerations are supported with robust mechanics.

The impact of the spread of the new coronavirus has had a significant impact on the work and learning environment. This product’s ideation and development came at a time where exciting innovations in the computing industry are a welcome addition. It is an affordable, robust and convenient portable display developed to meet the challenges of the new norm, to support work, learning and play.

Frameless FHD IPS, Wireless Portable Screen

Boasting an immersive frameless display with 700:1 contrast ratio, the Skyline Gen-9 is a 15.6-inch wide IPS panel screen that leverages modern display technology.

The 1080p, Full-HD resolution delivers phenomenal 178-degree visibility with crisp colour displays. The saturated glossy screen allows users to engage themselves in bright, colourful viewing experiences.

Whether you’re indulging in your favourite movie or using the monitor as an extension for the monitor you use for work, this portable screen will convey an immaculate display each time.

Improved Connectivity Facilitating Convenience of Use

The main benchmarking characteristic of the Skyline portable monitor is its wireless proections via Wi-Fi. Adding to the meaning of versatile connectivity. Leveraging modern technologies, this portable monitor delivers ultimate convenience in terms of use.

It has USB-C and HDMI ports, which allow users to connect the monitor to a laptop or other devices including laptops, gaming consoles, iOS and Android devices, and more. They can use it to extend or mirror another screen they might be using.

Kiperline has undertaken extensive research to prioritize the monitor’s optimum performance. The monitor’s borderless, slim frame has further setting options that allow users to fix the brightness of the screen, change blue light control, and customize the display in other ways to maximize its eye comfort and the device’s efficiency.

Built for Modern Applications

Kiperline is a brand that utilizes intuitive versatility to provide people with products that solve modern technology pain points. With this consideration, the Skyline portable monitor is meant to provide convenience for both professionals and everyday users that rely on their mobile devices. It is especially more convenient now as we adjust to a “new normal” of working and studying from home.

Kiperline hopes to encourage creativity, by giving convenience to different creators. Skyline Gen-9 is great for streamers, influencers and creatives, who need second or extended displays as well as unrestricted mobility.

As more and more people are using smartphones as their main device, Kiperline’s Wireless Monitor is here to give them a chance of turning their phone into a mobile work/study/play station, with just one addition: Skyline Gen-9.

The well-timed launch of this portable screen is meant to enable users so they can conveniently adapt to the changing landscape of remote working environments. The cutting-edge features of the Skyline Gen-9 portable monitor are optimized to deliver immersive viewing experiences.

Apart from accessibility, the monitor is super-lightweight and sleek, making it perfectly transportable. Available at $199.0 directly on the Kiperline website. The Kiperline blue shell carries a world of visual possibilities and boundless aesthetic functionality for anyone looking to go wireless in lightspeeds.

About Kiperline

A Shanghai Yedao Tech brand, Kiperline takes inspiration from the continuous pursuit of innovation in the realm of technology that thrives in Shanghai. A new-age brand supporting strong notions of facilitating increased, seamless access to cutting-edge electronics, Kiperline leverages its domain expertise in intuitive and performative technology to amplify its customers’ lifestyle.

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