Lakisha Bullock Dreams Big by Bossing Up and Launching SCB Naturals

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Lakisha Bullock Dreams Big by Bossing Up and Launching SCB Naturals

Lakisha Bullock Dreams Big by Bossing Up and Launching SCB Naturals
Our mission is to create beautiful products curated from nature and promote a healthier lifestyle through empowerment…

“Do you ever think your dreams are too big?” Meet Lakisha Bullock a licensed cosmetologist, herbalist, and skin care specialist. She is the CEO and founder of SCB Naturals, a beauty product based in Philadelphia. “Since age 16, I’ve dreamed of having my own beauty product line!” shared Lakisha.

Lakisha was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, According to her , “growing up with so little made me strive for so much more as an adult”. As she got older, Lakisha developed a very bad case of eczema. As she grew, so too did the condition until it became unbearable to live with because nothing she used controlled the issue. “I felt ugly, my skin was horrible,” stated SCB Naturals’ CEO.

Inspired by Lisa from the Carol’s Daughter brand this was able to keep Lakisha’s inspiration alive. “When I first started using her products they were awesome and I was immediately impressed!” shared Lakisha. It was then and there that Lakisha decided to give making natural products a try. Lakisha stated that, “I told myself if she could start her brand in her kitchen, I could do the same”. Bullock immediately got to work and developed a Shea Butter and oil mix with orange peels. Her sister gave it a try and a few days later called to say that it really did well in clearing up her skin. “I was so shocked but extremely motivated to go harder” shared Lakisha with excitement.

Then and there Lakisha got the ball rolling. After countless hours of research & education, SCB Naturals was born in 2015. According to Lakisha Bullock, “starting SCB Naturals was a long time in the making. I didn’t wake up one day and decide I was going to make natural products, I dreamed of it since I was 16!” After Lakisha realized that she could actually make these products she began to set goals and put things in place to make this dream a reality. “My biggest task was to create products to help with my eczema condition. It was then I realized I had a gift that I had to share” shared Lakisha. She now realized that her 16-year-old dream was not far fetched at all.

With the creation of SCB Naturals, one of the company’s goals is to empower persons. Lakisha stated that, “when you have great skin and hair it’s totally empowering, you feel good!”. Fast track 5 years later, SCB Naturals is a handcrafted, cruelty-free, organic product line specializing in handmade soaps, face and complexion products, hair care, and home essentials. SCB Naturals also aims to support women in business, by ordering their Shea Butter from a woman owned businesses in Africa. The company also donates every month to local causes.

Lakisha Bullock has been a big dreamer since she was 16 years old. She wants everyone to dream with her on her journey. She also believes that if she can do it, then so can you.

For further information on SCB Naturals, you can find them on Instagram @scbnaturals.

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