Sunil Tolani: Award-Winning CEO on Humility in Hospitality

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Sunil Tolani: Award-Winning CEO on Humility in Hospitality

Sunil Tolani: Award-Winning CEO on Humility in Hospitality

One of the most badly hit industries in the COVID-19 crisis is the tourism and hotel industry. As businesses in these sectors slowly come back from one of the most brutal blows to the economy in the history of humanity, one award-winning hotelier and entrepreneur, Sunil Tolani, leads the way for tourism companies everywhere.

Sunil Tolani, otherwise known as “Sunny,” is the CEO of the prized company Prince Organization. The real estate empire mostly has properties and investments in the hospitality sector, running some of the most prestigious award-winning hotels throughout the Americas. As a real estate expert and widely-celebrated hotelier, Sunny has proven his place as one of the hotel world’s biggest names. And he has the awards to back him up. 

“Our message is elevating humanity through hospitality, and it is my personal mission to elevate the consciousness of hoteliers creating livelihood for thousands of people helping local communities. In founding our company, we pledged to be a conscientious corporation and  we want to make money, but the emphasis is the passion to help others by empowering and educating  creating opportunities for growth financially and personal developments. I would love to see hoteliers try better to solve social problems with the same imagination and passion, energy they use to make a profit. I do not call it philanthropy, but call it corporate social investment with a long term impact,” Sunil stated.

The highly-respected business mogul is a recipient of many awards and honours. Some of his notable recognitions include The Orange County Business Excellence Award in Entrepreneurship Awards and OC’s 100 Most Influential Game Changers honour. He has received many other global awards including being named 2012’s Philanthropy And Outstanding Humanitarian Award, 2015’s Largest Minority-Owned Business in Orange County, and 2016’s recipient of the Asia Business Awards. Prince Organization has also received various awards, including being named America’s Most Honored Business and receiving The 2016 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

“Goodwill, honesty, integrity, and great people are our biggest assets that competition cannot undersell or destroy.” Sunil Tolani said.

A man with humble beginnings, Sunil’s story is one for the ages. The real estate mogul started in Bandra, Mumbai, where he lived with his family. His parents were early mentors for Sunny, teaching him invaluable lessons like speaking up when he had something to say, standing up for himself and respecting others. Today, he carries those lessons with him. 

“The purpose of our family is a pledge to contribute our unique God-Given gifts and blessings to have an extraordinary positive impact on the lives of others and the world,” the Tolani family states.

The real estate and gaming entrepreneur did not always have it easy. Upon moving to the United States, he struggled to make ends meet at the start. Yet, determined to make something of himself, he worked hard and strived to be the best he could be. Today, the hotel tycoon runs a multi-million dollar real estate company that operates world-class hotels. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to scar the hotel industry, Sunny has set up his business for the long term. Today, his company has locations in Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Utah and Washington with revenues that have gone up ten-fold in the last few years. 

“Do we want to be the biggest? Probably not, but we want to be the best and the most admired organization in the hospitality world,” Sunil shared.

Apart from his for-profit work, Sunil Tolani is also an active philanthropist who dedicated time and resources into worthy causes. Closest to his heart is the fight against sexual harassment, inequality, and violence. Sunil is also a supporter of women’s rights and veteran organizations, employing veterans and giving women equal wages without exception.

“I want to use my voice and blessings in service of activism and social justice. To be a leader means that you have to speak up when you see injustice, speak out for what’s right, and do the right thing with a positive spirit, living an important life,” Sunil explained.

Fearless and ambitious, Sunil knows where he wants to be and how to get there. And he also encourages others to follow in his steps. “In life, one must dream big by setting seemingly difficult challenges, making the impossible possible and being in control of one’s destiny,” shares the hotelier. “I wanted to be a trailblazer, a pioneer and a visionary celebrating humanity.” It’s safe to say that Sunil Tolani has achieved that goal as he paves the way for others to follow in his steps to conquer the hotel industry or any realm for that matter. 

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