Zee Molic on Leaving His 9-5 to Achieve Success

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Zee Molic on Leaving His 9-5 to Achieve Success

Zee Molic on Leaving His 9-5 to Achieve Success

“I started trading later in life,”​ Zee Molic says of his foray into the industry. ​“I always had a 9-5 job and was under the impression that success meant having a 9-5. Then, I started learning to trade and it changed my life. My journey later in life has helped me train other traders so they don’t have to wait as long as I did.”

Zee is passionate about trading because of the benefits and opportunities it has afforded him. Being your own boss and having the flexibility to create your own work schedule are only a couple of the benefits of this unique lifestyle. He explains, ​“Because of this flexibility, I am able to spend more time with my family, travel, enhance the lives of those in my community, and enjoy the finer things in life.”

Today Zee works as a mentor on the OptionPro team, helping traders on their journey to success. After years of being asked for his expertise, Zee has even created a Discord channel, where he can directly interact with other traders, offering advice and guidance to as many people as possible. ​“I am so invested in my traders’ success that it really affects me personally when I see someone struggling with trading,”​he explains. ​“We offer educational courses, live trading, daily game plans, and a community of traders to discuss strategy to deal with today’s volatile markets. Besides the educational components, we also assist traders in finding their edge and their own trading style. Every trader trades differently, so finding out what works for you personally is our specialty.”

Looking to the future, Zee is most excited about the addition of a book that will supplement their online education material. Releasing in the coming months, this book will allow Zee and his team to help even more traders to gain success in the industry. He notes, ​“I have always enjoyed helping people and I had so many requests to assist traders in their trading journey, it made sense to offer an entire community: a place to learn, discuss trading strategies, and accelerate their path to success.”

To learn more about Zee, follow him on ​Instagram​ or click ​here.

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