A startup founder is the face of the business, like it or not.

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A startup founder is the face of the business, like it or not.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, and each founder is looking for ways to stand out to attract investment, employees, customers, and recognition.

Here’s a strategic approach to personal branding that works and is easy to follow. That’s what successful personal brands are all about, finding innovative, yet methodological routes to elevate a person’s reputation and get noticed.

Here are a few tips about branding for entrepreneurs to get started.

Cultivate your Community

Part of the job as a founder is to learn who is in the community. Do this by targeting the audience on social media, responding to audience questions, or by creating call-to-action posts in LinkedIn groups so that the audience feels comfortable engaging. This is not just a one and done project. Cultivating a community around a personal brand creates a potential leader of that community, which takes time.

A fun way to show community appreciation is by sharing others on the company’s social media or blog. Utilize industry hashtags and promote favorite colleagues or take some time once a month to share the success that clients have had through the company’s products or services.

Video Branding for Entrepreneurs

Video is the essence of contemporary marketing to build a personal brand.

YouTube is the main avenue to publish videos. So, create a cohesive feel to the videos (and make them binge-worthy) so that people stay engaged and want to watch more videos.

IGTV is a great place for beginners. Post IGTV videos at least once a week. The videos will either be clips from longer YouTube segments or just get on there and deliver off-the-cuff advice on an interesting trend or topic to the industry.

Don’t Just Depend on Social Media for Branding

How a entrepreneur presents themselves matters. Social media seems like the end-all-be-all for successful branding for entrepreneurs, but there are a ton of outside factors that reflect a personal brand.

People remember someone who is impeccably dressed or in some easily identifiable garment. Develop a kind of “uniform” to stand out and be memorable. Find a flattering outfit and stands out from the crowd at networking events.

Another good idea is to focus attention on a personal website, and email lists, not social media. Find a way to bring the audience directly to that platform. Do this by having fun quizzes on the website, freemium devices for email signups and all that created content to showcase.

Do What It Takes To Stand Out

The goal is to rise above the social media “noise”, not by being controversial or outrageous but by communicating a consistent message almost every day. So be engaged with the industry community and to do what it takes to get the ideal clients, colleagues, or investors to take notice.

To learn more about personal branding, visit clairebahn.com for even more tips and ideas.

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