Groundbreaking, Holistic Approach To Address Asthma Without Medication

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Groundbreaking, Holistic Approach To Address Asthma Without Medication

Asthma rates have been soaring across the globe for the last three decades. In the U.S. alone, the rate increases every single year, and asthma now affects 1 in every 12 people. Moreover, studies are now showing that in high-school and college-aged athletes the rate of exercise-induced asthma is as high as 25 percent! It is the single most common chronic health condition among children and adolescents in America. There are different theories on the “why” behind this spike in prevelance, with most of them tying back to our modern lifestyle – changes in the food we eat, the environment we are surrounded by, our sedentary lifestyles, increases in psychological stress, and the impact all of these things have on our immune system.

The fact is, not only is asthma physically, mentally and emotionally challenging for a young athlete, it is also incredibly costly to treat. Asthma costs the average patient in the U.S. $3,266 per year! 

That is where Bold Base Performance comes in. Co-founders, Tom Broback and Bradley Baker, have created this sports performance company with a unique twist. They address all of the pillars of performance (mindset, breathing, recovery, nutrition, exercise and education) which are the foundation for optimal athletic performance and health. Education may be the most important element, because in order for people to make long-term sustainable change in their own lives, they need to undserstand why it matters and how they can change it! Their brand new Athletes With Asthma course is a great example of this. It is a complete guide for those struggling with breathing limitations to maximize the pillars of performance in their own life, so they can reverse their asthma symptoms and optimize their performance on and off the field!

Bradley and Tom are passionate about asthma because they lived it. They were athletes with asthma, and felt the frustration, uncertainty and restriction that comes along with it. They couldn’t reach their full potential in sports because they were limited by their breathing. Like many others, they were reliant on their medication to maintain an average lifestyle and “manage” their asthma symptoms. 

Due to their frustration with lack of control over their own health, Tom and Bradley took action. They invested all of their time, energy, and effort into finding real, natural, and long-lasting solutions. They became physical therapists, orthopedic specialists and strength & conditioning specialists to build Bold Base Performance and create real-world change. They devoted the last decade of their lives developing tools to overcome asthma, and have spent the last few years condensing them down into the most impactful and easily digestible format for every athlete to use so they can optimize their own pillars of performance and address the root cause of their asthma symptoms. 

They strongly encourage athletes to take action, rather than be reliant on medication for the rest of their life.  Bradley and Tom have both fully weaned off all asthma medication, and completely reversed all asthma symptoms, within a matter of months. Now, they are helping other athletes across the globe do the same thing!

Bradley affirmed, “We have created the exact tools we wish we had growing up in our Athletes With Asthma Course. This is the only course of its kind, and we feel confident it will revolutionize the way that athletes, parents, coaches and trainers view and address asthma!”

Tom added, “The truth is, it’s hard work. This course has no gimmicks, no fluff, no ploys, no quick-fixes – it requires you to get outside your comfort zone, be accountable, and give consistent effort. But, we can tell you from personal experience, the results are life-changing!”

One thing is for sure, the Athletes with Asthma course is packed full of education and actionable steps for not only athletes, but parents, coaches, and trainers alike. There is more than one-hundred videos included, along with a number of life-long bonuses to help you gain control of your breathing, athletic performance, and quality of life forever!

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