Is there a National Pizza Day? There is indeed… Celebrate National Pizza Day every February 9th

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Is there a National Pizza Day? There is indeed… Celebrate National Pizza Day every February 9th

Is there a National Pizza Day? There is indeed... Celebrate National Pizza Day every February 9th

UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER 24, 2020 – Five billion pizzas are sold worldwide every year, and on average 49% of eaters in the UK eat it at least once a week or more. In 2017, the pizza delivery market was worth 2.1 billion British pounds in the UK.

So here at we want to show you how our online shop can provide you with some of the best pizza equipment, which can help ensure your customers keep coming back again and again!

Are you ready for some helpful tips leading up to National Pizza Day? Order in your pepperoni as this is the most ordered topping in the UK. Popular pizza toppings in Japan are squid and Mayo Jago (mayonnaise, potatoes and bacon), whilst in India, they prefer pickled ginger, minced mutton, and paneer (a form of cottage cheese). Would you like to try these toppings on your next pizza?

The Ponterosso food slicer in our online shop provides a thickness of cut up to 15mm for lots of slices of pepperoni for your customers.

What type of crust is the most popular on a pizza? The majority of eaters prefer a regular thin crust followed by a stuffed crust. The right dough mixer can distinguish and help differentiate a nice pizza and very good pizza. We have dough mixers available from 10 litre tabletop versions all the way up to 130 litre bowls ready to mix 100KG of dough.

Once the dough is mixed (you can use a recommended Eliani dough mixer), you then make a round dough ball from the dough mixture using a dough rounder. On our website you can find some that make perfectly round and equal dough balls, which are easy to use and reduce your preparation time.

Finally, the dough is ready to be made into a base. Now let’s take note, about 21,000 slices are eaten nationally in just one minute. So the base has to stand up to the slice test to create the perfect tasting pizza.

See some of our manual and automatic dough presses for you to make the best-tasting bases by browsing our dough equipment section on our website. 

How big do you like your pizza? Extra-large pizzas are very popular, especially where they have fewer crust ratios to the actual pizza. The largest pizza ever made was in Johannesburg, South Africa (Guinness book of records) in 1990. It was a whopping 37.4 meters in diameter, and the ingredients included 500kg flour, 800kg cheese and 900kg tomato puree. We sell a range of different styles and brands of pizza ovens to suit all commercial and professional kitchens but are not sure they would accommodate a 37.4 meter pizza!!

As an established recommended UK pizza oven supplier we have a wide range of commercial pizza ovens. They range from XLT Conveyor ovens and hoods (one of the best choices for your business), Fornitalia electric deck ovens and Marana Forni Wood Fired Ovens (leaders in the industry).

We have a wide variety of commercial pizza ovens.

Pizza eating is popular through all seasons, where in the UK we consume on average 731 pizzas in our lifetime, which is an incredible 5,847 slices.

To help ensure every slice tastes as good as each other in your kitchen is by using a pizza turning peel or pizza paddle. Pizza peels feature long handles allowing you to place pizzas in the oven without spilling any of the ingredients off the top of your pizza and they have great reach within the oven so when taking your pizza out, your pizza looks as good as it did when it was originally placed in the oven.

We offer a FREE pizza peel handle cut down service. Whichever pizza peel you choose we will cut it to which ever size you require.

Making Pizza has literally become a piece of art demonstrated by the artist Domenico Crolla from Glasgow. He creates portraits of celebrities on his pizza from Mona Lisa to Justin Bieber by using a Margarita type pizza.

He has also created one of the most expensive pizzas ever made – the Pizza Royale 007, worth £2,150. Toppings included edible gold, venison medallions, sun-blushed tomato sauce, lobster, marinated in cognac, smoked salmon and caviar marinated in champagne. More than half of Britain’s are obsessed with pizza, is this decadent pizza you would consider for a special occasion?

Please browse through our website where you will find everything a pizza chef will need for their professional kitchen – in one place!

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