Janai Akerele Continues to Inspire With Words and Philanthropic Efforts

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Janai Akerele Continues to Inspire With Words and Philanthropic Efforts

Janai Akerele Continues to Inspire With Words and Philanthropic Efforts

Words, when carefully sewn and pieced together, wield transformative powers that compel positive change. Whether they are written, spoken, or sung, these seemingly innocuous and subtle elements of speech can create a meaningful impact in ways no one can ever fathom or imagine. And although some people do not pay much attention to how they are using the power of words, rising philanthropist and published author Janai Akerele is admiringly intentional about how she harnesses and unleashes it. 

For thousands of years, art has served as a catalyst for change, a medium for self-expression, and a channel to convey thoughts and emotions. And although some creatives consider their crafts an outlet for stress, others like Janai Akerele use their passion to give voice to the unheard and shed light on those denied the privilege of being seen by society. Through her books and clothing line, this highly acclaimed icon has been making a mark in multiple industries. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, Janai Akerele is widely acknowledged for being the creative genius behind two of the most popular children’s books, “Why Do I Have Two Mommies?” and “The Future Is Female.” In an interview, she shared that her love for storytelling unfolded at an early age, from producing short stories to writing poetry. And for as long as she can remember, this best-selling author has always been passionate about enriching children’s lives through words of affirmation, meditation, and self-imagery. 

Janai Akerele’s catalog of books is available in various stores, libraries, and boutiques worldwide. Each body of work aims to inspire children of color and families to embrace diversity and instill values like confidence and self-worth. 

Aside from gaining accolades for her writing prowess, Janai Akerele is also known for being a dedicated philanthropist at heart. In 2014, she launched her sought-after clothing, Eleventh and Logan, in honor of her daughter. And seeing how much of a success this online boutique has become, she took her innovative efforts to the next level by launching Raw Black Energy, a line of products curated for people’s living spaces. 

Proving to be an advocate of wellness and comfort, Janai Akerele is all about bringing out one’s authentic self and making each business environment feel like home. As a result of her rawness, she has captivated the loyalty and commitment of many customers and spectators. 

In all of her creative endeavors, Janai Akerele meticulously crafts every detail to ensure that, whether in words or apparels, the finished product can touch the hearts of readers and consumers, especially those who have been hit with life’s hard blows. With her remarkable vision and brilliant ideas standing as sources of inspiration for others, she is highly involved in her community. 

More importantly, Janai Akerele ventures also serve as platforms that promote the empowerment of different individuals in the creative space. As can be gleaned from her diligent efforts, she places heavy emphasis on the upliftment of other people and anchors her values in the belief that creativity is for everyone. And as she continues to share her books and clothing line with the world, she sends the powerful message that anything is possible for those who refuse to stop being relentless with their pursuits. 

In the coming years, Janai Akerele plans to make a more substantial impact and envisions her company becoming a household brand. She also looks forward to creating opportunities for women, members of the LGBTQ community, people of color, and many more. In this way, she can serve disenfranchised people who are not given enough chances to share their talents with the world. 

To know more about Janai Akerele, you may visit her website.

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