The Legendary Drifter™ Hollywood Logan Begins Solo Career with Return to Gospel Music

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The Legendary Drifter™ Hollywood Logan Begins Solo Career with Return to Gospel Music

The Legendary Drifter™ Hollywood Logan Begins Solo Career with Return to Gospel Music

Hollywood Logan starts his career as a solo artist with a poetic return to gospel music. With his newfound commitment to a purpose-driven life, he continues to explore various artistic pursuits.

The artist is best known as a member of the four-time Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame group, The Original Drifters. Fans remember him best for his larger-than-life personality and energetic stage presence. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood has established a name for himself as a singer and songwriter.

Recently, Hollywood Logan started embarking on a solo career. As a solo artist, Hollywood Logan continues to perform the classics that helped build his career. At the same time, he has ventured into gospel music. By mixing the old and new, Hollywood has recaptured the hearts of his original listeners base while gaining new fans.

The artist has proven that he is a vocal master, as demonstrated by the tracks off his latest album, “Trust God.” Singles such as “Great Day,” “Choices,” and “Lovin To Nite” showcase his mastery of the style. Hollywood Logan is taking on the responsibility of being an ambassador for the timelessness of gospel music.

Hollywood Logan developed his skills and passion for music by singing in the church choir as a young boy. A few years later, he formed a traveling singing group called The Golden Swans with his father and brothers. The music group was a key figure in what many now consider music’s golden age.

These experiences were formative for Hollywood Logan to perfect his performance style and stage presence. Having a knack for putting on a show and blazing the stage, the artist acquired the name “Hollywood.” Returning to gospel songs marks how Hollywood Logan has come full circle in his journey as an artist. 

Hollywood Logan gives his audience the best of both worlds with his ever-expanding catalog. Regardless if he is performing newer gospel songs or his classic rhythm and blues tracks, he demonstrates unquestionable talent. For Hollywood, it is not just about technically written and arranged songs either. “I perform with the intent to have a significant impact on the development, evolution, and preservation of American doo-wop, R&B, and soul,” explains the artist.

In 2021, Hollywood Logan will continue to deepen his catalog by starting a new journey as a TV host. He will appear in over 236 million homes worldwide on The NOW Network with his new show, Godsent Music Group with Hollywood Logan. He also recently released his second book, “From The Heart to the Heart,” further solidifying his accomplishment as an author.

Suppose the measure of an artist’s success is the people they have collaborated with or the venues they have performed. In that case, one can easily say that Hollywood Logan has reached the pinnacle of a musician’s career. He has performed with legendary figures like Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Dolly Parton, and many more. Hollywood has also performed in world-class venues, such as Madison Square Garden, The Apollo Theater, The Copacabana, and countless others.

In spite of all this success, Hollywood Logan remains committed to challenge himself and maintain a purpose-driven life. Visit his website to learn more.

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