Brandon Mouw on Becoming Vulnerable and Inspiring Others

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Brandon Mouw on Becoming Vulnerable and Inspiring Others

Brandon Mouw on Becoming Vulnerable and Inspiring Others

People often mistake vulnerability as a sign of weakness. And while a show of strength sometimes reflects a person’s ability to ascend towards the summits of success, it does not ultimately foster growth and steadfastness. Hence, to truly reach the peak of victory, one must learn to acknowledge the genuine power of becoming vulnerable.

Without a doubt, traversing a path towards greatness while being unguarded is no easy feat. As a matter of fact, some people even take it upon themselves to veer away from failures and defeat. However, there are some extraordinary individuals who truly understand the rippling effects of showing one’s defenseless stature to the world. And more often than not, they are the ones who eventually create waves of positive changes that set goals into action. One such person is Brandon Mouw.

Highly recognized for his inspiring tales of trials by fire, Brandon Mouw has truly seen the positively oscillating effects of embracing vulnerability through his battle with Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes. Although his journey to health and wellness was challenging, Brandon serves as a true testament of how far a person’s vulnerability can take a person towards the pinnacles of triumph. Now, as one of the few survivors of such a rare illness, he hopes to inspire others through his motivating stories of trials and triumphs.

Having lived simply in an egg ranch in Southern California, Brandon Mouw has spent the first few years of his life just like any other child born and raised in a rural town. However, things started to change when he was diagnosed with Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes at the age of three. And to make matters worse, Brandon was later found to be a brittle diabetic in his late 20s after being a well-controlled diabetic. Brittle diabetes means that his body is incapable of controlling diabetes to the detriment of death. With these complicated illnesses wrapped into Brandon’s body, the doctors told Brandon that he had no chance of living the past two years.

But despite these misfortunes, Brandon Mouw wanted to spend the rest of his life transcending limits and breaking barriers. Thus, he tried all sorts of treatment and even kept a diabetic alert dog to help keep him alive by alerting hypoglycemic episodes and keep himself company throughout the process. However, none of these countless treatments ever worked for him. While most people would have given up at this point, Brandon Mouw never lost sight of his vision. So, he opted to undergo a rare pancreas-only transplant.

The transplant costs $250,000 because a pancreas-only transplant is an optional coverage in the Affordable Care Act. Brandon had to work up the courage to break down barriers that had made him who he was and become vulnerable by asking for help. Much to his surprise, friends, family, and strangers donated to Brandon’s crowd fundraiser and helped raise the money in three months — thus saving his life. 

Inspired by the recent events in his life, Brandon was motivated to encourage others by sharing his breathtaking stories with the world. Thus, Brandon opens a new chapter in his life by engaging in motivational speaking and writing an inspirational book.

Although strength comes in many forms, nothing beats the power that comes from becoming resilient and vulnerable. It may sometimes be scary to lead a life defined by one’s illness, turning fragility into a source of motivation strengthens a person to overcome the impossible. Through sharing his journey of survival, Brandon hopes to help raise awareness about chronic illness, inspire others to never give up, meet more people at speaking engagements, and is looking forward to the release of his book in Summer 2021.

To know more about Brandon Mouw, you may visit his website and Instagram.

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