Why TPE material can use in automotive Industry

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Why TPE material can use in automotive Industry

From ancient sedan chairs and carriages to modern cars, people’s walking tools have been improving. In order to be more Comfortable, TPE car mats factory produced TPE car mats appeared in the public view.

Thermoplastic elastomer TPE is made of SEBE base material mixed with white oil and other auxiliaries. Because of the particularity of TPE material, it also has a unique side in the controllability of the material. TPE materials can change various properties according to different customers and different products.

Someone will ask, the car floor mats made with all TPE material can have formaldehyde? The TPE car floor mats made of TPE material has no special taste, have high resilience, comfortable foot feeling, wear resistance, and oil resistance, farewell to the traditional PVC material, will not produce formaldehyde harmful gas.

TPE car mats already very popular in USA and Europe countries.

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