Chryst Young Introduces a New Scent and Perspective Through RUSH Fragrance

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Chryst Young Introduces a New Scent and Perspective Through RUSH Fragrance

Chryst Young Introduces a New Scent and Perspective Through RUSH Fragrance

The most crucial element in pursuing one’s dreams lies in taking a step toward making them happen. No matter how one’s visions promise a lifetime of success, triumph, and victory, the possibility of them coming into fruition boils down to how a person is driven to turn these goals into a reality. As someone armed with a formidable soul and unyielding determination, Randie Graves, more popularly known as Chryst Young, takes the industry by storm with his passion-driven spirit, topped with an innovative flair.

Being someone who has spent most of his life breaking barriers and pursuing victory, Chryst Young proves worthy of his sterling reputation across the realms of music and entertainment. With his incomparable skills and talents, coupled with a creative and determined spirit, it comes as no surprise how this American hip-hop recording artist, actor, and TV personality became one of the most sought-after musicians across the industry. As he continues to take the industry by storm, Chryst decides to expand his horizons and begin building his entrepreneurial path through his brainchild, the Chryst Young x Made Life Style Collection “RUSH” unisex fragrance.

Born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised most of his life in Brooklyn, New York, Chryst Young always had a knack for getting ahead and living to survive. Since he was young, Chryst would often spend his time improving his craft while preparing himself for the many challenges that lie ahead. His resilience was brought about living in one of the toughest neighborhoods at the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

From then on, Chryst Young has been making bold strides across the music and entertainment industry. With his unique talents and abilities, Chryst was able to write and produce music that captured the hearts of many. As a matter of fact, he is well-known for his song entitled “St. Patrick,” which was played during the red carpet event in New York of the Starz hit series called “Power.”

On top of that, Chryst Young has also appeared in numerous films and TV shows, such as NBC’s “Law & Order SVU,” HBO’s “How to Make It in America,” and Lego’s “Superblox.” Currently, he is the host of a hit TV show entitled “The Sneaker Game,” which gathered over 1.2 million streams on Amazon Prime.

But aside from his successes in the music world, Chryst Young also aspired to become a trailblazing entrepreneur across several industries. Drawing power from his passion and determination, Chryst set out to build his empire by venturing into the cosmetics landscape. With the help of Made Lifestyle Collection, Chryst recently released a Eau de Parfum called “RUSH.”

Since the inception of his fragrance line, RUSH has been setting things in motion and topping the charts as it receives positive reviews on And because of its success, Chryst Young takes the collection to greater heights with more delivery options and extraordinary customer service. 

In the coming years, Chryst wishes to stretch the collection’s horizons by creating more fragrance lines and providing a more comprehensive delivery coverage around the globe. Through his persevering spirit, everything is within reach.

To know more about Chryst Young and RUSH, you may visit their websiteor watch their commercial on YouTube. Follow them on Instagram (@shopmadelc, @ChrystYoung.Official), Facebook (@shopmadelc, @ChrystYoungmusic), and Twitter (@shopmadelc, @ChrystYoung).

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