Reasons to fall in love with Inner Mongolia

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Reasons to fall in love with Inner Mongolia

Sitting at the exact north of China, Inner Mongolia extends across 29 longitudes and 16 altitudes, accounting for 1/8 of the total land area of China. It has grasslands as enormous as 130m Mu, forest of 350m Mu and dessert of 180m Mu and water body of 60m Mu, which all goes together and depicts an amazing painting with a wide range of vision of beauty. This is a place you will fall in love with at your first step into it. Some appraise its vast beauty and distinct four seasons, and some fall for it for its melodious songs above the grasslands and kind and unsophisticated farmers. There are plenty of reasons for you to fall for Inner Mongolia, among which there is one thing in common, Inner Mongolia’s breathtaking beauty.

Inner Mongolia has a variety of natural landscapes. President Xi has praised by saying, “The scenery here is uniquely beautiful!”. The Greater Khingan Mountains Forest in Inner Mongolia is the biggest primitive area in China which contains over 2200 types of wildlife. The Arshan World Geopark at the southwestern foot of the mountain has painting-like beauty and the most complete and largest volcano groups. And the Kirshkoten World Geopark has diverse eco types, such as glacial remains of the fourth season- ice stone forest and ice mountains, and is a natural museum of environmental evolution in northern China. Alxa Desert World Geopark is the only geopark in the world with dessert as the main body. One of the renowned poets in Dang Dynasty, Wang Wei has once written, “The lonely smoke in the desert is straight, and the long river sets in the sun” as a depiction exactly for the scenery in Inner Mongolia. The golden curved outline of the Badain Jaran Desert has also been praised as “the curve drawn by the God” by Chinese National Geography.


Inner Mongolia Plateau is the cradle for the nomadic culture from the north. For thousands of years, all nations ever lived here created splendid grassland culture which has become an important part of Chinese civilization. The silk road through Inner Mongolia grasslands has always been an important component to Chinese civilization. The Ten-thousand-li Tea Route which connects China, Mongolia and Russia has been praised by President Xi as the “Artery for centuries”. Plenty of classical literatures born in here, such as Bangel, BIOGRAPHY OF GESI’ER and The Secret History of Mongols have become a spiritual wealth to all humankind. The site of the capital of Yuan Dynasty, recognized as one world cultural heritage located at Zhenglan Banner of Xilingol League, has been recorded by the Italian traveler, Marco Polo for its prosperity. The dances and songs of Inner Mongolia both have its distinct features. The long-tune songs of the Mongol Nationality have been listed as one of the representative Intangible Culture Heritage by UNESCO. Anyone that has ever heard the long-tune songs has all been impressed with its appeal and penetrability, as if shepherds were conversing with Tengri.


The grasslands of Inner Mongolia lie underneath the vast sky and sit on the broad earth. When you are in it, your heart will fly. The people living on the grasslands stare at the star sky since they are very young. They worship freedom and bravery, openness, inclusiveness, integrity and kindness. Grasslands are always open. Inner Mongolia welcomes more friends!

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