The Harmonic Egg uses music and sound therapy to facilitate mental, emotional, and physical healing.

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The Harmonic Egg uses music and sound therapy to facilitate mental, emotional, and physical healing.

The Harmonic Egg uses music and sound therapy to facilitate mental, emotional, and physical healing.
Millions of people are suffering from many different ailments and diseases that make their daily life a living hell. Medical science has its limitations which is why Gail Lynn sought to offer an alternative way of holistic healing through her invention – the Harmonic Egg.

The modern world is ravaged by diseases left and right. Human society boasts advances in science, technology, and the medical field but millions of people still suffer from diseases just as ancient humans have thousands of years ago. It’s time that people embrace a new type of non-invasive healing centered around natural frequencies. Harmonic Egg is a unique and patented chamber that has been designed to promote mental, emotional, physiological, and spiritual healing. It taps the power of bio energy to help users achieve optimal wellness using non-invasive resonant frequency. The chamber helps to amplify the energy resonance so the client receives the optimal energy output to facilitate healing.

The Harmonic Egg is the brainchild of inventor and researcher Gail Lynn. She herself was diagnosed with severe cardiovascular stress due in part to leading a competitive and high-stress lifestyle. Her mission to find a natural therapy for healing led her to light and sound therapy. Her mission, as stated in the official Facebook page and their official site, is to make this available to everyone all over the world in need of a natural way of healing without using chemicals and invasive procedures. All her efforts gave rise to the Harmonic Egg in 2016. This conscious machine was created to promote an environment of deep relaxation and internal balance. The energy vibration produced by the chamber is especially calibrated to reboot the user’s autonomic nervous system to facilitate the natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

The Harmonic Egg has helped countless people, coming from all over the world, achieve respite from whatever ailments they have been experiencing. It’s a great way to achieve relaxation and relieve oneself from all the stresses of living a fast-paced life. It’s been used by people with chronic conditions to find relief and achieve some semblance of normalcy in their lives. People with chronic pain have also found relief using the Harmonic Egg. Over 13,000 clients have received the benefits of the Harmonic Egg in the pioneering Denver clinic alone. There are other centers opening all over the country. And in 2021, this healing device is poised to go global and spread the wonders of music and sound therapy all over the world.

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