Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan Helping People Pursue a Holistic Approach to the Vegan Lifestyle

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Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan Helping People Pursue a Holistic Approach to the Vegan Lifestyle

Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan Helping People Pursue a Holistic Approach to the Vegan Lifestyle

The vegan movement has become more than just another craze among the newer generations. It is now considered a way of life for many. While the alternative lifestyle offers a lot of benefits, many aspiring vegans feel lost in a sea of misinformation. Michelle Greenberg hopes to change that by introducing Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan, a growing resource for aspiring and existing vegans everywhere.

Montreal-based Michelle, also known as Auntie Shell, is an entrepreneur who has been following the plant-based vegan way. She went to McGill University pursuing social work as a profession. She practiced that career for fifteen years, working mostly with Holocaust survivors at the Cumming Centre. In 2019, a doctor told Michelle that she had high cholesterol and needed to make some changes to her lifestyle. From that point onward, she made a decision to alter her diet, cutting out red meat, artificial sweeteners, and fried foods. She took that a step further by removing chicken and becoming a vegetarian. 

Not long after, Michelle Greenberg turned full vegan, removing eggs, dairy, and sugar from her diet. Today, she attests to a healthier and more holistically full life. “I now feel better at 44 than I did in my 20s,” shares the practicing vegan. “I lost weight that I had been struggling to lose for years, improved my cholesterol, gained more energy and along with clearer thoughts.” 

Today, Michelle is on a new mission: to help other aspiring vegans make the shift toward the healthier lifestyle through her website Auntie Shell “The Imperfect Vegan.” The one-of-a-kind online resource looks to incorporate a holistic approach to the vegan lifestyle, going beyond just the diet and focusing entirely on the mind, body, and soul. Through Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan, those looking to transition will gain access to a nutrition section that offers vegan and whole food recipes that provide breakdowns of what people should choose when eating healthy. The website will also offer a variety of resources, including vegan dieticians in the healthy eating space. 

Moreover, Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan seeks to provide the general public with access to a full variety of self-care and wellness tools and resources, including lessons on fitness, meditation, and mental health wellness practices. Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan also hopes to offer a variety of services from trainers who look to give people basic workouts to help them move and stay in shape. 

Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan wants to show people that even incorporating a few whole-food, plant-based meals in their diet can make a huge difference. She encourages people to try some of her recipes and see how they feel. Michelle Greenberg hopes that Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan will expand to more than just an online resource and become a household brand for vegans everywhere. She looks to create a vegan cooking show that will help inspire people to eat healthier while also enjoying some great tasting healthy selections. Michelle also aims to start her own product line of cooking and baking products while also collaborating with established restaurants to advocate the vegan lifestyle.

Overall, Michelle hopes to help others live better and fuller through a better way of eating and living. By doing so, she believes she can make a lasting impact in the world. To learn more about Auntie Shell The Imperfect Vegan, visit Michelle’s website and Instagram profile.

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