Business Transformation Strategist Broadcasts Forecast for 2021

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Business Transformation Strategist Broadcasts Forecast for 2021

Greatly Sought After Business Environment Insight.

Kim E. Woods, MBA, a spiritual consultant to high performing entrepreneurs and global leaders, is releasing her business insight and predictions for 2021 on January 4. Woods’ forecasts have become greatly sought after having provided accurate insight into the 2020 business environment.

“My 2020 forecast predicted the tightened energy that would ‘make it hard for you to breathe,’ and my 2021 forecast is even more finely tuned to give you insight into your power and purpose that will make 2021 your most aligned year yet,” said Woods.

Woods has founded multiple seven-figure brick and mortar businesses. After leaving her corporate career, she used her abilities to channel, lead, and impact millions. Her clients include business and world leaders that turn to her for guidance in life and business, most importantly to learn how to master the concept of knowing, liking & trusting themselves through the application of Eastern practices and channeling of the Divine.

Woods’ 2020 predictions came true in the form of COVID-19. Her forecast for 2020 stated, “in March of 2020 the energies will shift, and create a feeling so tight that it will be difficult to breathe.”

For years, Woods had an aversion to sharing her ability to channel. In order to honor her sincere abilities, she has embraced her power and shares it with her community and clients regularly in order to shift paradigms and create massive change and success with ease.

“In 2012, I was already talking about 2020. The Mayan calendar suggested 2012 was an end, but the ends and beginnings we are experiencing in 2020 and 2021 are potentially the largest shifts you will see in your lifetime. My 2020 forecast, even though not what any of us wanted to hear, was spot on. We are all ready for a new year, and my 2021 forecast gives you the insight to look forward to a deep knowing unlike anything you have ever experienced,” said Woods.

Business leaders can tune into her 2021 Forecast on January 4 at 10 am ET by registering on, which will be followed by a complimentary training that shares how to create the ultimate levels of success, energy, and power.

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