BOLDGUARD Long Lasting, Non-Alcoholic Spray Sanitizer & Disinfectant Debuts

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BOLDGUARD Long Lasting, Non-Alcoholic Spray Sanitizer & Disinfectant Debuts

Canadian company launches groundbreaking sanitizer.

BOLDGUARD is pleased to bring to market an innovative brand-new non-alcoholic spray sanitizer that can last up to 16 hours. BOLDGUARD’s antimicrobial solution destroys germs without harming the skin, providing a solution for the problem of dried skin after using an alcohol-based sanitizing solution.

BOLDGUARD sanitizing spray uses benzalkonium chloride, ethybezyl ammonium chloride, and an antiseptic skin cleanser as well as natural skin oils and aloe vera. Its antimicrobial technology protects against bacteria, mold, and fungi over longer periods of time versus an antibacterial. That’s why antimicrobials are the preferred choice of hospitals, schools, and commercial kitchens.

BOLDGUARD, however, is pet friendly, ideal for daily use, dermatologically tested, and food grade safe.

“Our ultimate long lasting antimicrobial solution for your day-to-day needs will help you feel safe in your space, whether you’re in your bubble or outside of it,” said a spokesperson for BOLDGUARD.

The team at BOLDGUARD aims to promote healthier, safer communities by offering access to products that help people feel safe. The company provides support to various home and pet shelters. For every 12 bottles of BOLDGUARD purchased, the company distributes a case to a local home or pet shelter.

Customers can visit the BOLDGUARD website to browse products and learn more about the company. Proudly made in Canada, BOLDGUARD products are available with free shipping on orders $75 and over in Canada and in the USA. Bulk pricing is also available.

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BOLDGUARD offers a 16-hour non-alcoholic spray sanitizer and 30-day multi surface disinfectant proudly made in Canada.

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