Andrea Jenkins: Mother, Wife, and Award-Winning Writer and Model Returns to Miss Jetset 2021

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Andrea Jenkins: Mother, Wife, and Award-Winning Writer and Model Returns to Miss Jetset 2021

Andrea Jenkins: Mother, Wife, and Award-Winning Writer and Model Returns to Miss Jetset 2021

Title contender Andrea Jenkins’ late exit in 2020 came as a shock to many, as she was one of the early favorites to reach the top of the sixth edition of Miss Jetset, one of the modeling world’s most prestigious awards. Amid the disappointment and heartache, the model from Michigan has displayed resilience and poise as she makes another run for the crown, hoping, this time, to take home the top honor of being 2021’s Miss Jetset.

The Miss Jetset competition is one of today’s most prized recognition in the modeling world, offering the winner the glory of getting featured on the luxury magazine’s front cover and taking home the winnings of $50,000 in cash. Winners also get the chance of a lifetime to experience many posh experiences, including private jet charters, VIP events, exclusive meet and greets with influencers and celebrities, and many other luxurious encounters.

Mounting the highly praised pageant is top-level publication Jetset Magazine, a company that covers the affluent lifestyle of some of the world’s most wealthy and celebrated. The lifestyle magazine targets the world’s wealthiest one percent and has exclusive circulations in world-class resorts, private airport lounges, private yachts, exclusive events, and travel locations. The magazine released its first issue in 2006 through the leadership of entrepreneur and venture capitalist Darrin Austin. Today, Jetset Magazine leads the way for luxury publications worldwide.

In 2015, Jetset began the annual competition “Miss Jetset” to search far and wide for the face that would represent the rich and famous life. The contest sees over forty thousand entries every year from all over the globe, ultimately only choosing one to become the pageant’s ultimate crown-bearer.

Last year, Andrea Jenkins came close to the prize after reaching the quarter finals and becoming one of the competition’s favorites for the crown. She would ultimately come short of the prize, yet her perseverance has her coming back once more this year as she hopes to reach the top this time around.

Andrea is a writer and model who has gained much success in her specific spheres of influence. She is the founder and lead editor of Shameless Magazine, a publication covering the world of modeling, gaming, art, music, and film. She is also an award-winning playwright and model, recipient of The London City Film Best Screenplay Award for her science fiction screenplay entitled “The Six: The End Is the Beginning.” More incredibly, Andrea is a mother to five amazing children whom she has raised excellently side-by-side with her colorful career in modeling and writing.

Andrea Jenkins is a direct relative of Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry and hopes to explore her heritage one day. After she wins the crown and prize money, the thirty-four-year-old model hopes to give her family a better life, using the winnings to purchase a more comfortable home for them and take them on an adventure of a lifetime. Andrea also hopes to give her late mother a proper headstone.

The title-contender currently stands in second place in her group and is quickly rising up the ranks. To vote for Andrea Jenkins, pay a visit to her Miss Jetset profile and put a ballot in for the model, wife, and mother from South West Michigan. Votes also directly support the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, a non-profit organization for families facing pediatric cancer.

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