Change A Habit In 8 Hours With The Personal Reboot Program

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Change A Habit In 8 Hours With The Personal Reboot Program

Tom Reilly, creator of the Personal Reboot Program, says they are permanently changing people’s mental and physical habits in about 8 hours.

While popular opinion is that it takes at least 21 days, if not 30 or 60 days, to change a habit, Reilly says that this is based on dated methodologies.

Says Reilly:

‘Many of the personal change techniques and methodologies being used today have their origins in the 1960s or earlier. They were based on a belief that change requires repeated reinforcement over log periods of time.

This has obvious limitations – especially for people who want to change things such as over-thinking, procrastination, a lack of self-discipline, or negative self-talk. All of these issues, and more, make it hard for people to complete a long regimented program of constant reinforcement. If their issue prevents them from adhering to the regimen required to change them, how can they use the regimen to change their issue?

But things have evolved over the last 60 years. People can now permanently change their habits and thought patterns in about 8 hours of work time when done correctly.’

As incredible as this may seem, Reilly boasts a 90% success rate with program participants stating they have been freed from trauma that has been haunting them for decades, eliminated unhealthy habits, fears, procrastination, over-thinking, and a slew of other self-limiting patterns.

Although program participants state that the program is very intense, requiring a lot of emotional work, the results are well worth it.

The Personal Reboot program is a four-day online intensive workshop conducted in small groups, with a total work time of about 8 hours over the four days, including written work that is done offline. Reilly says the online format is perfect for this type of work, as it can be very emotional, and many participants are working on issues they would like to keep private.

‘Many of our participants are working on very private issues,’ says Reilly, ‘the program is structured and conducted in a way that ensures everyone’s privacy. No one has to reveal any personal details to any other program member, or even the program leader.’

The Personal Reboot Program loos like it could be a game-changer for people who want to change quickly, and considering it is backed with a full money-back guarantee, it is no wonder that it has a rapidly growing waitlist.

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