iMan Therapy Inc Offers Online Therapy for Men

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iMan Therapy Inc Offers Online Therapy for Men

iMan Therapy Inc Offers Online Therapy for Men

San Jose, CA – iMan Therapy has been providing on-demand counseling services to the San Jose, CA area for many years. In the course of his practice, Kamal Ahmed, the founder of iMan Therapy, saw a need for treatment oriented towards men’s mental health issues. So Kamal decided to shift his focus to the underserved area of psychotherapy for men. 

And while there are many therapists that focus on online therapy in California, Kamal is one of the few that specializes in online therapy for men. 

Regarding teletherapy, Kamal was ahead of the curve. And seeing the many benefits of online therapy, he’s offered it for a number of years. But with the advent of the pandemic, he determined that it was time to transition his practice to 100% teletherapy. 

As a licensed psychotherapist, Kamal helps clients address their problems by focusing on adopting a holistic approach to treatment while also maintaining a personalized model of counseling solutions. He believes using proven approaches are the best way to tackle problems that are commonly faced by people of all ages.

Kamal stated, while describing the benefits of online therapy was that he could help clients throughout the entire state of California. Teletherapy also offers an increase in convenience, flexibility and safety, compared to traditional, in-person therapy. Kamal also said, “Online therapy allows you to work with me from the comfort of home or any private location of your choosing. For some, the screen provides an added layer of comfort that makes the sometimes-challenging work of being vulnerable in therapy a little easier. 

Online therapy also creates a unique opportunity for you to work with me specifically, even if we are not located in the same area. Should my areas of expertise and treatment approach meet your unique needs, online therapy allows us to work together without the constraints of location! I am licensed in California and I work with clients across the entire state.”

Clients who choose to work with iMan Therapy Inc can rest assured that the therapist is focused on underserved areas of counseling, including therapy for men’s issues and therapy for young adults.

Clients who choose to work with Kamal will find that he can help them through a wide range of specialty areas, including helping teens and young adults to address common problems that can lead to depression, anxiety, sadness, and other mental health problems, family therapy, stress and anxiety, trauma and PTSD, men’s mental health, relationship difficulties, and more.

iMan Therapy Inc also helps athletes and high performers to find a balance. At the same time, clients who struggle with work/life balance will also have access to targeted therapy sessions designed to help them make a clear demarcation and distinction.

iMan Therapy Inc is located at 2050 McKee Rd, San Jose, CA 95116, US. To view the Google Map for the counseling service provider, visit Clients who wish to be a part of the online counseling session can visit their website or call (408) 345-5293 for inquiries.

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