Ghostcap Gaming Announces the Launch of New Counter Strike Global Offensive Servers

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Ghostcap Gaming Announces the Launch of New Counter Strike Global Offensive Servers

Ghostcap Gaming Announces the Launch of New Counter Strike Global Offensive Servers
The Ghostcap Gaming community recently announced the launch of new Counter-Strike Global Offensive servers to accommodate a growing number of eager players.

Ghostcap Gaming announced as of late that a couple of new servers by the community were up and running. The servers are primarily for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. However, the community has also launched a new Zombie Escape server. All servers as of this writing are live and active. Players can get hooked up and start playing right away, according to Ghostcap Gaming. 

“Almost all the Counter Strike Global Offensive servers hosted by Ghostcap Gaming are high performance.” According to an executive at the company. Their use of high-performance servers means blazing-fast response times, easy connectivity, and a much lower chance of a server crashing in the middle of the game. Ghostcap Gaming has said that there was an excessive demand for Global Offensive servers, and even though it took some time to add the required high-performance servers, the time it took is well worth it, something that players of the game will appreciate and attest to. 

Readers can find out more about GhostCap Gaming’s new Global Offensive servers and checkout a complete list of servers on the community’s website

Readers can also find Ghostcap Gaming’s new Zombie Escape server at

The Zombie Escape server is live as of this writing and is already home to many players who have signed up to start playing. 

“At Ghostcap Gaming, we as a community have committed to offering our members the best, most reliable Global Offensive servers that money can buy. As it turns out, providing the best, most reliable servers are challenging. Many things need to be considered when setting up the servers, but at the end of the day, the growing number of happy players make all the effort worth it.” Said one of the representatives for Ghostcap Gaming. 

She added, “Counterstrike Global Offensive is a highly competitive and popular game. In the past few years, we’ve seen the number of new players joining double, if not more. Furthermore, players prefer to play on high-speed servers to benefit from that twitchy fast response time. In Counter-Strike games, that millisecond can make all the difference; that’s why having high-performance servers matters so much to players. It is also why we have made sure that every one of our servers is high-performance across the board.” 

About Ghostcap Gaming: 

GhostCap Gaming is a gaming community with an interest in multiple games. The community’s goal is to bring SEA and OCE gamers together under a single entity, in addition to allowing anyone from across the world to join in. The community, in addition to promoting gaming, also encourages interaction and socializing amongst members. The community also hosts its own Discord servers, which allow members and friends to join, which adds to the experience.

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