SmooveLee Career Exploding As He Survives Gunshot to the Heart

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SmooveLee Career Exploding As He Survives Gunshot to the Heart

SmooveLee Career Exploding As He Survives Gunshot to the Heart
Rapper SmooveLee is an unstoppable force in the music industry, so unstoppable that being shot in the heart can’t detour him from his dream.

SmooveLee, who hails from Compton, started rapping at age eight. At age twelve he started recording his music. From there, his love for the industry and the art grew and he started a path to make rapping his one and only career goal. With influencers such as Jay-Z, Biggie, Lil’Wayne, Tupac and Nas helping to define his sound, SmooveLee launched his debut album titled “The L33tArD3D Influence” in June of 2017. Less than a month later the rapper was shot in the heart. He is now paralyzed and in a wheelchair. 

“I was in the hospital for six months. I’m still on the mend but through it all, I had music. It’s my passion, it is literally the reason I found the will to survive. I’m dedicated to my career and sharing my thoughts and passion using music as the outlet. I’m now working on completing the website and also I launched a clothing line,” said SmooveLee.

SmooveLee’s clothing line is called “Inspiration For Sale”. He also has a secondary line called Forezt Fit. Both lines will be linked to his official website, once launched, at  After being shot in 2017, SmooveLee launched his second album in 2019 titled “Inspiration for Sale” and in 2020 launched the third album under the same-title but adding “Volume Two”.  Now, in 2021, his latest album has been released to a wide fanbase. The rapper’s label is BlAck Forezt, LLC.

“2020 was a bad year but musically, I was inspired. There are so many people staying home more and more and seeking out new rappers. The pandemic has been good for me as an artist because new audiences are finding me. This album is something that is different than what’ out there and I know my dedicated fans and new audiences are going to eat it up,” finished SmooveLee.

SmooveLee single,”The System (Freestyle)”, recently launched on January 8th of 2021. It is a journey into his mind and offers insight into his life.  Busier than ever, the rapper has two more upcoming albums titled “Inspiration For Sale vol.3” and “L33HAB”.

Members of the media are invited to speak with SmooveLee about his journey, his current albums, and his upcoming releases upon qualified request. Additionally, the rapper is available to talk about his venture into fashion and share his story on what it is like to be shot in the heart and survive.

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