Healthy Living Starts With Healthy Breathing

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Healthy Living Starts With Healthy Breathing

Healthy Living Starts With Healthy Breathing

Scott Oberg, President/Owner of Unitedly Service Group
How what’s in the air affects our quality of life

by Jim Kedge

ROCHESTER, MN – Nowadays, a great deal of conversation happens around personal health and quality of life. Everyone wants to have the best life possible. We go about that by watching our basic needs such as food, sleep, exercise, and leisure time. But there’s another basic need that isn’t always considered, the air we breathe.

Scott Oberg, President/Owner of Unitedly Service Group, knows that air quality impacts life quality. “I’ve worked with air quality for over 20 years,” states Oberg. “I’ve seen all kinds of detriments that come when we ignore the airflow in our environments.”

Particles from dust, pets, cooking and cleaning products, smoke, and more, can cause irritations that lead to breathing difficulties. Poor airflow can lead to moisture build-up around windows, under cabinets, and on other hidden surfaces. Mold thrives in humidity and can lead to serious health issues in people of all ages but especially young children and the elderly. “There is so much going on in your home you don’t know about,” says Oberg. “Most of us have no clue what we’re breathing in.”

Oberg and his company have primarily worked in commercial settings but have recently shifted their focus to individual homes and multi-family residences. “I want to take what I’ve learned in large commercial buildings and use it to help improve the lives of families in our community,” Oberg explains. Education and awareness are top priorities for Unitedly Service Group…and they have an ace up their sleeve to help them get it done.

Oberg and his service team work with the Daikin Home Air Intelligence system, a piece of advanced technology that can transform the air quality in a home. “The Daikin One ecosystem has a monitor that detects particles in the air and regularly assesses the overall quality of air and flow in the home,” explains Oberg. Once it determines the general air quality level, this intelligent home system sends alerts to the homeowner if an unusual increase in pollutants or other issues are detected.

“There is a sensor placed within the ductwork of the home, which monitors air from all over the home.” Oberg explains. If there is too much humidity, the system will trigger the dehumidification process. If smoke or chemicals show up in the scan, ventilation will increase. There are also updates and alerts sent through an app to allow homeowners to keep a close eye on air quality. “This system senses what’s wrong with your air and will correct it on its own while letting you know what’s going on in the process,” Oberg excitedly declares. “This system is a total game changer!”

“We’ve all spent more time in our homes over the last year than ever before,” says Oberg. “We’re all increasing in our awareness of the importance of clean, disease-free air for our continued health.” Scott Oberg and his team at Unitedly Service Group want to help their community breathe easy and live well.

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