Air-ReNu Introduces Paint Additive That Removes Odor and Purifies The Air

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Air-ReNu Introduces Paint Additive That Removes Odor and Purifies The Air

March 19, 2021 – Air-ReNu is providing some immense competition for air purifiers with its innovative Ionic Paint Additive that has been primed to effectively remove odors and purify the atmosphere around it through cutting-edge ionic technology.

The easy to apply product can be mixed with any interior house paint & applied to the walls. The Ionic Paint additive not only clears odors, pathogens or dust, but also enhances the air quality of indoor spaces. Much to the delight of home renovators and homeowners, the additive lasts from eight to twelve years without any servicing.

The avant-garde additive is a blend of 31 natural, rare minerals with piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. The Ionic Paint additive is a mix of the highest-grade aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium, monazite and magnetite with other minerals. In high concentrations, negative ions (anions) present in the minerals purify the air in the room of airborne pathogens & unwanted odors. Those with pets complaining of lasting urine stink can find relief in the Ionic Paint additive. Homemakers tired of the kitchen stench or cigarette smoke odors in the living room will also find a friend in the Ionic Paint additive. 

“My laundry room had a leak and it looked like there might have been mold under my washing machine. I did some research on the internet and found Air-ReNu’s ionic-paint additive. It worked! No more fumes. I’m eternally grateful”, read a happy customer review from Maryland, USA. 

The Ionic Paint Additive employs the Air-ReNu technology of air ionization for the purification process. After enjoying success for over 14 years and 99.99% customer satisfaction, the company continues to service happy clients across the states.

Air-ReNu is running a special discount to make odor removal a budget-friendly affair. On the purchase of three or more packs, Ionic Paint Additives is giving two complimentary packets. The product can immediately transform any wall into a permanent air purification system at a lesser cost than an air purifier. Unlike an air purifier which requires electricity and maintenance & cleaning charges, the Ionic Paint Additive is a long-term solution with a single cost at the time of purchase.

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