Cyber Times Is Apprising The Internet Users With Most Secure Computing Tips Through Its ‘Internet Blog’

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Cyber Times Is Apprising The Internet Users With Most Secure Computing Tips Through Its ‘Internet Blog’

Cyber Times, a leading tech-savvy company, has published its ‘Internet Blog,’ providing comprehensive information on cybersecurity safeguarding the users from potential attacks.

United Kingdom – With the advancement of technology, malicious intelligence also seems to be emergent day by day. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data in businesses in this data-driven era is inherently a complex and challenging task. Therefore, an Internet Blog is bringing the internet security tips and insights that would empower individuals and business companies to take pro-active steps to protect themselves from cyber-crimes.

The blog sheds light on the necessity of understanding the basics of cybersecurity as well as teaching foolproof Android security tips. In its Internet Security tips blog series, Cyber Times also touched on 17 advantages of surfing the web with a VPN.

A lot of people neglect taking steps to protect themselves because they think, “Why would anyone want to hack me”? Well, to start with, if you have any money to your name, there are plenty of cybercriminals that would love to relieve you of that money. But beyond that, they could also steal your identity to open new bank accounts, run up charges on your credit card, get a passport in your name, use your health insurance, and a variety of other unpleasant things, to say the least. And even if hackers didn’t manage to get hold of your most sensitive information, for example, if they just managed to get into your social media accounts, they can still exploit your reputation and take advantage of the people who know you.” says Andre Hospidales, Founder Cyber Times. 

The blog has highlighted the need to protect smartphones, given the sheer amount of sensitive data that people store on them. It says: “With two billion+ monthly active devices, Android is the largest and most popular platform in the world. In fact, according to Statista, there were over 108 billion Play Store downloads in 2020. It should therefore be no surprise that Android devices have become the number one target for cyber-attacks.”

Some of the most devious cybersecurity threats to android smartphones include; social engineering, fake apps, official app store insecurities, mobile malware, third-party app stores, fake antivirus for android, poor password hygiene, and unsecured Wi-Fi. “A VPN makes you anonymous online by masking your IP address, making your online activities untraceable. It does this by creating a tunnel between your device and the VPN server. The data transferred via the tunnel is encrypted to keep it completely private and prevent it from being intercepted,” says the author of Internet Blog.

Undoubtedly, this blog series serves as an ultimate security guide to stay safe in the cyber realm.

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Cyber Times, based in the United Kingdom, is the most renowned website to keep the masses updated on the ever-evolving cyber-security landscape. Through its ‘Internet Blog,’ Cyber Times is educating the masses about cyber-security, which is of utmost importance these days.

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