Ink & Chalk offers tools, methods for reaching the most advanced language proficiency levels

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Ink & Chalk offers tools, methods for reaching the most advanced language proficiency levels

Ink & Chalk has beefed up efforts to provide language addicts and learners with powerful tools and strategies to help them reach the most advanced language proficiency levels through an interactive handbook. 

“Similar to book chapters, the articles are organized in a sensible order, composing a coherent series of short yet extremely intense and informative readings,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

The US-based company said it provides learners with the most valuable methods that can help them rethink language learning, overcome an intermediate-level plateau, and achieve complete freedom in foreign languages.

“Spoken language is not something you learn about; it is something you ingrain and experience. This central idea is what one should keep in mind if they do not want to become victims of a mid-level plateau and turn their communicative abilities into some scientific garbage but instead maintain steady progress toward the desired genuine fluency and naturalness of the speech,” the representative said.

Ink & Chalk is a comprehensive knowledge base on second language acquisition. The company said its ongoing “Extreme Language Acquisition” series of articles provide readers with unique and advanced knowledge about language learning. 

The topics include “The Difference between Language Learning and Language Acquisition,” “Comprehensible Input Hypothesis and its Tremendous Effects on the Students’ Overall Linguistic Abilities,” and “The Various Kinds of Lexical Chunks — Recurrent Word Combinations that Constitute the Absolute Majority of Human Speech,” among others. 

Ink & Chalk said all the information are based on scientific research by the biggest names in applied linguistics, such as Noam Chomsky, Stephen Krashen (“Natural Approach”), James Asher (“Total Physical Response”), Michael Lewis (“The Lexical Approach”), Ben Slavic (“The Big CI Book”), Piotr Woźniak (“Spaced Repetition System”), and others.

Learners can check out valuable articles including the comprehensible input theory proposed by Krashen, which is touted as “the most valuable to take root in your memory if your ultimate goal is to communicate your thoughts in a foreign language as naturally and efficiently as possible.”

Individuals interested to take a dive and begin their path toward native proficiency and ultimate fluency may visit the “Extreme Language Acquisition” page to get started.

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