I AM H.E.R. International Announces the Release of a New Volume of the Book Titled “31 Ways of Influence”

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I AM H.E.R. International Announces the Release of a New Volume of the Book Titled “31 Ways of Influence”

“31 Days of Influence Vol. – II” is a self-development book compiled by Dr. Derashay Zorn, the founder of “I AM H.E.R. International.” The book is power-packed with practical tools to help women maximize their potential in diverse life aspects, have a productive, positive influence, and shine in the world by being their true self, utilizing their God-given gifts, and speaking up authentically.

The world is already two decades into the 21st century, and it is still in a lot of turmoil. One of the primary reasons behind this is the centuries-old marginalization of 49.6% of the world’s female population. Undoubtedly the landscape of women empowerment and gender equality has significantly evolved in the past few years, but there is still a long way to go. In many parts of the world, women are still deprived of fundamental human rights. Even in powerful nations that are flag bearers of a free and fair world, society still functions in a way to put women in boxes and expects them to adhere to the preset labels. Women experience inequality, discrimination and suffer in silence on a daily basis. As a result, they are unable to achieve their maximum potential to impact the world positively. Women of the contemporary world are now taking charge of the situation, and as there is no other better way to change than to believe in their community and empower them. Women of faith can play the most critical role in women’s empowerment and break the barriers of social injustice and allow them to live their life in the most authentic way. With this philosophy and to equip women with the right tools to excel in their respective domain Dr. Derashay Zorn founded “I AM H.E.R. International.”

I AM H.E.R. International is a community-based women training and development organization that provides opportunities to women of faith worldwide to connect and render support to make them excel in their individual personal, professional, and spiritual journey and collectively make a positive influence in the world. The women-led organization provides international online and offline personal, professional, and spiritual training, shares tips, offers feedback, fosters collaborations, and more. The motto of the organization is to focus on all three essential aspects of a woman’s life, including personal, professional, and spirituality, as there is strong evidence these co-dependent factors contribute equally to elevate the quality of life and the ability to operate in purpose, and making an impact within one’s perspective assignment. Taking inspiration from the principles in Proverb 31 from the Christian Bible, the organization strives to demolish the concept of departmentalization of lives and focus on the complete woman. This enables them to discover their hidden talents, polish their skills and leverage their maximum potential for sustainable mental, financial, and spiritual development. To bring authentic life-changing knowledge and tools into the women’s hands, the organization has recently released a new book, “31 Ways Of Influence.”

31 Ways Of Influence Volume-II is an extension of the previously well-received International Best Seller Volume 1 Anthology with the same title that helped women think beyond society’s conventional standards and break past society labels. The book focuses on giving women access to the right tools to overcome their fear and show up authentically. God has granted everyone unique attributes, and everyone can utilize them to influence the world most positively. The book will help the readers discover them and capitalize on them for a better life and a wonderful world for upcoming generations. It offers tools for success in entrepreneurship, self-development, spirituality, finances, relationships, intercession, and purpose. The biggest obstacle in women’s progress is how they are told to be silent and that their opinions are not worth it. This leads to inducing Imposter Syndrome, which is the worst of the lot. The Vol-II strives to smash this imposter syndrome and enlighten the readers with real-life stories of women who achieved immense success when they chose to challenge personal, social, and gender issues that has been a hinderance to women within soceity.

In this book, seven, not so ordinary women share their extraordinary journeys. These journeys were not planned independently but were designed and orchestrated by God to take them on a path that would equip them to make incredible marks within the world. Their life experiences have not always been a bed of roses. However, right amid the fire, God was shaping the character of the Proverbs 31 Woman within them. These brave women will take the readers on a ride through their personal experience that will empower, educate, and equip them to unleash the Proverbs 31 Woman within, to advance in the following steps that lead to the path to destiny. The book’s seasoned experts and contributors will be teaching tools from this book with the I AM H.E.R. International Conference in the U.S.A., Kenya, and Ghana in the upcoming international book tour.

I AM H.E.R. International is a multidimensional organization with myriad goals for the betterment of women. To accomplish them, it provides multiple platforms to equip, encourage, empower, and educate women within their endeavors. The organization’s leaders arrange physical and virtual conferences, summits, and seminars that equip women with tools to advance on their journey in business, ministry, business, media, arts and entertainment, goverenment, and family. I AM H.E.R. International Facebook group provides women with a centralized spot for daily support, training and networking opportunities, and space for cultivating their skills with like-minded women.

Join the I AM H.E.R. International movement at https://www.facebook.com/groups/iamherinternational/.

Checkout the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOuVV7C8bG8

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