Travelling with Reduced Carbon Footprint

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Travelling with Reduced Carbon Footprint

The covid-19 pandemic already impacted the tourism industry, but climate change is deteriorating it by shutting down some travel destinations. Therefore, reducing the carbon footprint of your travels is a critical requirement, and it needs only the awareness of some aspects mentioned below:

Seven things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling:

1. Avoiding nearby flights and booking non-stops for the long journeys

Air travel contributes the largest share in tourism’s carbon footprint. Though it doesn’t mean we should not fly, eliminating air travel to nearby destinations and picking carbon-neutral taxi rides or other sustainable modes of transportation for the same is the most effective solution. Thus, the climate-friendly option is to travel with the whole family in one car than flying on a plane.

Likewise, choose only non-stop flights while traveling by plane. This way reduces the fuel consumption while lowering the multiple take-off times.

2. Keep your packaging lightweight

The heavier luggage takes more fuel and increases your carbon footprints. Why not pack the lightweight suitcase with lightweight abstracts? For example, camping gear is an unnecessary item that can be taken on rent there.

3. Explore one destination completely

The most prominent reason for traveling nowadays is unwinding the stress. Why not consider staying longer at one destination and fully experience it rather than taking multiple shorter trips? Why not connect with the place entirely to slow down the hustle and bustle going in the mind? Thus, decreased emissions of saved traveling time contribute to securing carbon-neutral rides.

4. Cutting down gadgets’ usage

High utility bills are proof of carelessness. Most people don’t care about conserving energy whether they are at home, in the vehicle, or the hotel.

But the concept says the more energy you use, the higher your carbon emissions get generated. It is vital to minimize energy consumption by turning off electronic devices like outside lights, TV, AC, and heater. It would help if you remember where an air conditioner is cooling down your room, it is heating the outside climate. Therefore, you should use the appliances efficiently and only at the required time.

Thus, your awareness about the carbon-neutral stay during your visit can do a lot for the environment.

5. Choosing efficient transportation

Transportation is an integral part of getting to your destination, and its choice must be reasonable and aligning with the alternative technologies contributing to a greener experience.

When it comes to transportation for a ride in the context of the green journey, Taasai is remembered as the best ride-booking app based in London. It offers a green way of traveling across the city. It makes every UK ride 100% carbon neutral. While riding in the minicab by Taasai, you need not fight climate change except deciding to book the ride for your desired destination. 

Taasai aims to cancel out the CO2 emissions from its vehicles during the ride by supporting carbon offsetting projects globally, which means every trip organized by them contributes towards a greener planet! Taasai App is both available in the Apple and Android Play Store and they are curently running several promotions to get people moving again as UK eases more restrictions today that was placed to stop the spread of the virus. 

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