Small Business are Not too small to Go Public

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Small Business are Not too small to Go Public

Meet the organization helping business owners who want to overcome growth stalls, reactivate revenue and compound their profits.

Nothing should stand in the way of determined business owners who want to grow their business at an exponential level, including being able to go public. Going public can lead to a strengthened capital base, easier acquisitions, and increase prestige in the eyes of all it does business with. This is a smart move for business owners. Public companies often achieve valuations that are three times, 10 times and even 100 times more than valuations of similar private companies with the same income and assets.“The Relentless Companies”, an organization that urges small business owners to go the extra mile with its GoPublic-10X Challenge, is leveling the playing field.

Go Public Disrupted is led by Rahim Azizzi, a Navy veteran, and alumnus of both Harvard, and the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School. He is a founding member of DoorDash’s (DASH) “DoorDash for Business,” where his direct efforts helped more than triple its revenue to $885 million, seizing the lead in the U.S food delivery market.

“No company walks away from working with us without going public, and retaining 80–85 percent equity in their business when it’s all said and done,” stated Azizzi. “This will be the year you finally scale your business to the next level, amplify your reach and surpass every one of your stretch goals.”

Azizzi also participated in three San Francisco/Silicon Valley Tech Unicorn IPOs. He and his team have been taking companies public for more than 30 years. They have taken every kind of company public — from national comic book publishers to mom-and-pop businesses.

“You don’t have to be big to be a public company. It’s a huge misconception and something that needs to be corrected. I’m so happy now that we finally got some solid training that Rahim has put together on how to do this. As far as I know, I don’t know any program out there that really trains how to take a company to go public. And this is going to be a great benefit for the entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the country,” stated John Kaplan, a small business owner and participant of Go Public Disrupted’s GoPublic-10X Challenge.

A business is rarely too small to go public, and Azizzi and his team never fails to make business owners realize the great potential this decision can bring to their company.

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