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COVID-19 gripped the world in an aura of stress and tension for most of 2020, and even now in 2021, many countries are continuing to see an alarming number of cases. Experts believe that through proper administration of vaccines, it may be possible to reduce the drastic rate at which the epidemic spreads. Some have even recommended making vaccines mandatory by creating a “vaccine passport” which would be required to access restaurants, pubs, cinemas and other public places.

This perspective has been met with some backlash. With both sides expressing their opinions in the matter, decided to organise a poll where UK Citizons can vote on whether or not they support a vaccine passport. The poll received a number of responses, and is still ongoing. is urging people to give their own vote on the matter, so that lawmakers may have more clarity and perspective in their final decision.

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It is quite likely that vaccine passports will become a reality in the near future. If not to access public places, they will most definitely be utilised to travel abroad without restrictions. However, the purpose of this poll is to find a middle ground between this and see if utilising these vaccine passports is a necessity even for domestic travelling and access to public areas. Certain people suggest that a negative coronavirus test should also count as a passport. Either way, urges their users to take part and voice their opinions on what the best course of action is.



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