Outriders CT15 Builds – “Boost your game” with these tips from D3Hell

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Outriders CT15 Builds – “Boost your game” with these tips from D3Hell

Outriders released April 1st and players are already figuring out the end game builds, D3Hell decided to share some of these and help boost your game. Below are covered the best end game builds for the two most popular classes in Square Enix’s AAA release, The Pyromancer & Technomancer.


Choosing the right class, and more importantly the right build within the class, is crucial to ensure getting most out of the game. In the words of PCgamer “The campaign is pretty beefy, too – sitting at around 40 hours – so you’ll want your class to still be fun all the way to endgame and beyond.”  

Despite a rocky launch that was not without some hiccups, players have already hit endgame two weeks after release with numerous streamers and creators publishing Challenge Tier 15 expedition clears. In particular the epic Eye of the Storm expedition (the most difficult in the game) has presented players with numerous challenges if their class builds are lacking. While in-depth analysis, video links and other resources are available on D3Hell’s Outriders section, this summary has been prepared to let you drop right into the action.    

Under “Best end game builds” falls a compilation of gear, skills & playstyle that helps push your character to the limit and complete Challenge Tier 15 expeditions with Silver/Gold achievements. The four core classes, and their base traits, are as follows: Pyromancer – medium range conjuror dealing area of effect damage, Technomancer – long range support class with turrets and healing, Trickster – close range hit and run class focusing on DPS (damage per second) and finally the Devastator – close range high health class focusing on tanking and defending your allies. As each class has a specific role/goal in mind, the “best” builds vary immensely depending on your focus. Taking the Trickster tree as an example, the class includes 3 sub-classes or skill trees each with roughly 29 possible skill selections. This can make it incredibly confusing, particularly for newer players, to focus their build for end game peak performance. That is where this guide comes into its own, breaking down not only the skills required but also the optimum gear and mods.  

The Pyromancer is a fun class to play in a squad, able to flame enemies and heal your own wounds as you take down entire grups of foes. The Pyromancer Ash Breaker build is focused on heavy firepower against marked enemies with fire damage bonuses and cooldown reduction. The core skills for this build are Assault Master which increases damage by 20%, Hurt twice as long which increases damage against Elites by 10% while decreasing the damage Elites deal by the same amount and Burning situation which increases the damage by 60% when you activate immobilize skills.  

The single best piece of gear for this class is the legendary Voodoo Matchmaker which has the unique Ultimate Damage Link mod which link up to 3 enemies sharing 40% of their  damage and 20% of their anomaly damage. This synergises exceptionally well with the enemies marked with Ash taking extra damage from the Ashen Boost mod which is then shared to the linked targets. Using Ash Bullets enemies will be marked for extra damage, which can again be linked to other targets. Through these items and mods Ash Break Pyromancers can wipe out entire squads in no time.  

Technomancer is the long range damage dealer that drops bosses and dangerous enemies quickly. The peak late game build is the pestilence Technomancer focusing on glasscannon damage and boss elimination.  The damage for this build is centered around using long range armaments and skills to boost their damage. Snipe Master skill which increases damage by 40% is a no brainer but this build also benefits from Exposing Toxin which applies toxin to all vulnerable enemies and Two Sides of the Power which increases the damage you receive by 15% but also the damage you deal by 20%. This will turn you into a real glasscannon, so be sure to keep your distance or hide behind a reliable tank. Other skills for the build include Blighted Rounds which inflict the toxic status on your enemies and deals 50% splash damage to nearby targets, Cold Snap will freeze all enemies around you and allow for quick escape ambushes and finally Blighted Turret which not only deals but also soaks up damage received and takes enemy focus off you.

The best mods for this build are Trick up the Sleeve which means takedowns with blighted rounds replenish 30% of your magazine and Sharp Eye – buffs your damage for each consecutive enemy takedown stacking up to 3. For those struggling with elite units Captain Hunter grants an impressive 25% damage bonus to elite enemies.  

More details and CT15 gameplay videos in addition to 4 new builds for the other two classes can be found on D3Hell’s Outriders section – ”boost your character” to the next level by connecting with veteran player today. Fully fledged CT15 ready builds & more can be found on the newly opened Outriders section. 

As the game evolves and develops with more patches further down the road we will cover any newly relased builds & playstyles that will revolve around new updates & gear releases. 

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