Lupus Health Shop’s Best Tips on Living with Lupus

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Lupus Health Shop’s Best Tips on Living with Lupus

Holistic Nutritionist Janeen Qadri, CEO of Lupus Health Shop Shares Best Tips on Living with Lupus.

Not many people understand what it’s like to live with the autoimmune disease, lupus. About 30% of lupus patients are unable to work a full-time job because it can affect all different organs throughout the body at any given time. One day you wake up and you’re unable to get out of bed due to the sheer exhaustion and pain that overwhelms your joints, bones, skin, stomach, and so forth.

These symptoms fluctuate daily, weekly, monthly and come without warning. Dealing with lupus symptoms and weekly doctor’s appointments can be overwhelming. Managing symptoms of lupus varies from person to person making it hard to have a medication that doesn’t cause so many side effects while trying to tame symptoms. Lupus Health Shop’s founder has lupus and learned over time that prevention is key to success. The best part about looking at lupus from a preventative standpoint is that you don’t deal with scary side effects from common medications like immunosuppressants, chemotherapy, or antimalarial drugs. Lupus Health Shop has worked alongside medical practitioners who practice functional medicine. This is where an individualized approach to preventing all symptoms of lupus becomes the number one way to get your life back in a stressful free and positive environment.

The best advice Lupus Health Shop can give is to work with a functional practitioner who will teach and provide guidance on finding root causes of disease, avoiding triggers from your environment, and making healthy choices that give you your freedom back. There are 5 main root causes of disease. First, Leaky gut which can be confirmed through stool testing. Stool testing will tell the functional practitioner what type of bacteria is out of balance. The second, Toxic overload. This could be from heavy metal toxicity which is common in the baby boomer generation or anyone who grew up in an area with toxic dumping. Third, a virus-like EBV or Mono. Fourth, allergies or food sensitivities are ignored. Five, a life-altering stressor like a car accident or physical or emotional abuse.

As the leader in the Lupus health field, Lupus Health Shop offers invaluable information for free from blogs to YouTube videos. Plus, for the ultimate one-on-one guidance, their Mission Remission program is number one in providing natural remedies for lupus which decreases inflammation, pain, and increases the quality of life.

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