If People Want To Make Good Use Of The Ultrasonic Disperser, People Must Have A Lot Of Knowledge

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If People Want To Make Good Use Of The Ultrasonic Disperser, People Must Have A Lot Of Knowledge

Ultrasonic wave is a kind of elastic mechanical wave in material medium. It is a kind of wave form, so it can be used to detect the physiological and pathological information of human body. At the same time, it is also a form of energy. When a certain dose of ultrasound is transmitted in the organism, through their interaction, it can cause changes in the function and structure of the organism, that is, ultrasound biological effect. The main effects of ultrasound on cells are thermal effect, cavitation effect and mechanical effect.

Ultrasonic dispersing machine is a kind of dispersing method with high strength, which directly puts the particle suspension to be treated in the ultrasonic field and “irradiates” it with high power ultrasonic. First of all, the propagation of ultrasonic wave needs the medium as the carrier. The propagation of ultrasonic wave in the medium has an alternating period of positive and negative pressure, and the medium is squeezed and pulled under the positive and negative pressure of colloid. When the ultrasonic wave acts on the medium liquid, the distance between the medium molecules in the negative pressure zone will exceed the critical molecular distance of the liquid medium, and the liquid medium will fracture and form a liquid Microbubbles grow into cavitation bubbles. The bubble can dissolve again in the gas, float up and disappear, or collapse out of the resonance phase of the ultrasonic field. It is a phenomenon that cavitation bubble is produced, collapsed or disappeared in liquid medium. Cavitation will produce local high temperature and high pressure, and produce huge impact force and micro jet. Under the action of cavitation, the surface energy of nano powder is weakened, so as to realize the dispersion of nano powder.

The design of the dispersing head of the ultrasonic disperser can also meet the needs of different viscosity and particle size. The difference between the design of on-line stator and rotor (emulsifying head) and the working head of batch machine is mainly due to the requirements for transportability. It should be noted that the difference between coarse precision, medium precision, fine precision and other working head types is not only the arrangement of rotor teeth, but also the difference between the geometric characteristics of different working heads It’s the same. Slot number, slot width and other geometric features can change the different functions of stator and rotor working heads.

The principle of ultrasonic disperser is not mysterious and complicated. In short, the electrical energy is converted into sound energy through the transducer. This energy is transformed into dense small bubbles through the liquid medium. These small bubbles burst quickly, thus playing the role of crushing cells and other substances.

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