A New Kind Of Drayage Provider

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A New Kind Of Drayage Provider

Tech-Driven Container Drayage in South Florida.

The world of drayage is heavily fragmented.

This fragmentation leads to a wide variance in the quality of service one can expect from a drayage provider.

They set out to provide world-class service by utilizing the latest technology and improving on existing best practices. From its humble beginnings in 2006, as the brainchild of founder & CEO Luis Lopez to the nationally acclaimed service they are today, GoDrayHub.io is an industry leader.

A High Tech Provider

An essential factor that makes GoDrayHub.io service stand out is its commitment to embracing the latest tech. As a GoFreightHub.io subsidiary, they have fully integrated with their TruckHub TMS.

That allows them to provide fast and accurate processing and real-time insight as to what exactly is happening with your cargo.

Certified Staff

GoDrayHub.io ensures that every member of their drayage team has both in-house and 3rd party certification to ensure maximum proficiency. That level of training means that everyone at every step of the chain is qualified and competent. By doing that, they minimize error and delay because people not only understand what they need to do but how it interfaces with the broader operation.

Best-In-Class Customer Support

By integrating every step of their operations with the latest technology, GoDrayHub.io ensures that every team member can communicate with shippers. That level of transparency means that you can always expect quick and reliable responses to any questions that may arise.

Cloud Integration

The use of cloud infrastructure is paramount when it comes to maximizing efficiency. The use of the cloud is what allows GoDrayHub.io to store and provide secure access to information such as proof of delivery documents. They also use it to make sure that it gets to the right people and only the right people.

Data-Driven and Data-Proven

Independent reviews, analysis, and validation of their business model have all been extensively conducted and passed.

They have demonstrated that the way they go about things, while new, works. Not only does it work, but it is something that the rest of the industry is starting to adopt.

On-Time All The Time

Modern supply chains, much like time and tide, wait for no man. The pandemic, along with other challenges like the recent issue in the Suez, has demonstrated how important it is that every link in the chain is robust and on time.

Luis Lopez built GoDrayHub.io from the top down to ensure that every team member completes projects quickly and effectively. That helps to eliminate any potential for delays and backlogs.

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Company Name: Dray Hub
Contact Person: Luis Lopez
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Phone: 1-888-219-4544
Country: United States
Website: http://godrayhub.io