The Champ Group is introducing its comprehensive programs “From Ally to Action” and “Champ Membership”

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The Champ Group is introducing its comprehensive programs “From Ally to Action” and “Champ Membership”

The Champ Group, a human capital development firm is introducing its comprehensive program, “From Ally to Action”, created to offer a learning journey for organizations committed to undertaking the important and sensitive subject of Diversity & Inclusion.

The Champ Group, headquartered in Southern California, with the ability to offer courses online, has over 25 years of combined experience, developing proven strategies to improve its clients in leadership skills, sales prowess, and stage presence. The company’s highly effective learning program, From Ally to Action, is designed to activate:

  • Empathy – acquiring tools to start the ‘conversation’ by listening and speaking with full presence; practicing skills of hearing and understanding; valuing different perspectives and transitioning from judging because they are different to appreciating them because they are different.
  • Action – Acknowledge that growth is cultivated through vulnerability, and with facilitation and guidance, exchange old-established stereotypes and judgments with new ideas, thoughts, and actions to adapt and apply new, meaningful, and measurable actions. Clarify how to evaluate the risks vs. benefits of implementing a robust Diversity & Inclusion program by creating goodwill and mitigating the risk of employees filing a claim.
  • Connection – Whether companies are working in one location, or working virtually, engaging with their peers, bosses and other colleagues affects how much they enjoy their work. This program will reinforce the reality that when teams connect, are compatible and, collaborate, the results improve, and the overall vision is more likely to be achieved.

The company is also introducing the Champ Membership. It’s a program that started last year and is opening for new members for a limited period. Members appreciate the value of being a life-long learner to enrich their business, their personal growth, or their leadership role in their corporate position. They embrace the opportunity to discuss various challenges; brainstorm, compare and evaluate options; and sometimes even shift perspectives through peer support. Success happens with peer power to learn, grow and succeed. Membership has privileges that empower you to unleash your inner champ!

Speaking about their services, the company founder, Michelle, said: “Clients hire us to help us learn, grow and succeed. We partner with companies, individuals, and groups. Our focus is on building sales skills to get results; helping companies enrich leadership abilities that increase empathy and team collaboration; and communication tools that provide methods to increase success for new and emerging leaders. We like to help others Unleash their inner champs”.

Michelle is a leadership, sales, and developer of inclusive cultures. As an Executive Director on the John Maxwell team, she is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer. This allows Michelle to offer resources from John Maxwell,  guru leader throughout the world.

Clients who have worked with Michelle have nothing but praise for her. According to Tania Goodfried: “It was a pleasure to work with Michelle. She prepared and delivered a session on Networking/Building Relationships for our Women in Leadership Program. Michelle spent time to make sure she understood our concepts and desired outcome. Without being in the previous sessions, she was able to link her message to understandings made earlier in the program and therefore, reinforce the learning. I would be delighted to work with Michelle again in the future.”

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