More Medical Professionals Using Clear Face Masks Outside of Work

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More Medical Professionals Using Clear Face Masks Outside of Work

Vaccine roll-outs haven’t stopped people from preferring to wear a mask in public.

Irvine, CA – April 26th, 2021 – As vaccine roll-outs continue, we’re all feeling safer about socializing. And yet even as mask mandates relax, most people still prefer to wear their face masks in public places. The Jelli M1 Mask is a lifestyle mask that’s designed to help put people at ease. And now more medical staff are pushing employers to adopt the non-medical masks to help their patients and students overcome barriers to communicating safely.

The Jelli M1 Mask launched on Amazon this month after more medical professionals lobbied for its use in public. The reusable, food grade mask targets professionals who can’t rely on all their patients and customers being fully vaccinated. “It’s a pretty cool twist on the typical face mask”, says Ben Schmidt, a gastrointestinal specialist in Chicago. “It’s sadly becoming a little foreign to see someone’s mouth moving in public. It’s annoying for some but honestly it can be a pretty significant detriment to others”.

Parents have joined doctors and nurses in questioning the long-term effects of non-transparent masks on developing communication skills. The long-lasting Jelli M1 mask is popular within hard of hearing communities and considered a “game changer” for language schools and special education lessons.

The Jelli M1 is also becoming a lifestyle item. In states like Texas, mask mandates are a thing of the past. But that hasn’t stopped many people from still wearing their masks even after they’ve been vaccinated. “I wear one out of courtesy to others,” says Audrey Day, a NICU nurse in Austin. “It makes people feel more comfortable and knowing I’m filtering almost 100% of the pollution out of the air I’m breathing is awesome.”

It appears that face masks that are easier to communicate in are here to stay, at least for a while longer. The company behind the internationally distributed mask, Jelli Tech International, is working on expanding its product range to include childrens’ masks, too. “They’ve filed for their FDA approval and it meets the CDC guidelines for people that need clear masks to communicate with others”, says Healthier Helton, a nurse midwife in Raleigh, NC. “We’re now a year into wearing masks and we all knew that this would create some significant barriers. I’m excited about this.”

The anti-fog Jelli M1 mask is currently only suitable for recreational use but is being tested by more of its customers in professional settings.

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