Miami Artist Leidy Mazo Dives into 3D Sculpture

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Miami Artist Leidy Mazo Dives into 3D Sculpture

Miami’s Hottest Artist

Multi-talented, Miami-based Columbian artist Leidy Mazo is stretching her artistic wings into pop art and 3D sculpture to the delight of new and old fans. After her breakout role in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” (2011), Mazo has continued exploring new ways of expressing her creative side and this is apparent in her approach to pop art and contemporary 3D sculptures.

After arriving in the United States at the age of 15, an ambitious Mazo learned to speak English and earned a scholarship to an art institute. She later enrolled in acting classes after a move to Los Angeles to become an actress and star in movies. Taking what she’s learned from modeling and acting, Mazo continues to evolve artistically and emotionally. Now as a wife and mother, Mazo says “I feel the best way to express my internal feelings is by painting. Once I start painting, I get into a zone that allows me to freely express myself.”

The Pop Art Movement was inspired to challenge traditional fine art and is characterized as using commercial imagery that is removed from it’s usual context. Found objects, the use of abstract impressionism, and combinations of disparate materials like fibers and paint pushed the boundaries of art and art appreciation.

Creative Inspiration

Mazo didn’t always have the direction and drive she displays today. “One day I was sitting at the table studying, and I naturally started drawing the Star of David. I noticed the perfect angles of the star and thought it would be great if I could incorporate prayers and create a work of art.” Her early days in art school and her faith led to her unique pairing of religious icons, pop icons, and current events. She takes inspiration from pop art pioneers like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Red Grooms, and Roy Lichtenstein to take identifiable pop culture references but adds a twist of fun and sexiness.

Mazo’s debut collection under the brand Art by Leidy, “Soldiers Hearts Fight for Love,” was inspired by current events of wars and fighting around the world. Instead of being overwhelmed, she “created a collection to support the troops as they fight for peace and love.” These 3D sculpture wall art pieces reflect the real conflict between wars and our shared love for all people. “I try to make each piece as a celebration of life that makes you wonder and question the characteristics,” says Mazo.

Always working to improve her craft, Mazo has “been doing my own research and learning as much as I can about my passion and becoming successful as an artist.” Combining her past successes with new techniques, Mazo is creating unique and contemporary 3D sculptures. While Mazo’s “Teddy Bear Puzzle” uses wood and paint, her KAWS collection uses resin. Both are examples of her creative use of different materials.

“All of my work is emotionally inspired which is why each painting has a different meaning and style.”

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