Agata Arakel – The New Chief Executive Officer at Arakel & Bus Inc.

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Agata Arakel – The New Chief Executive Officer at Arakel & Bus Inc.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you are doing what you love, you will be happy and successful.” — Herman Cain

The success story of Mrs. Agata Arakel is the perfect example of why you should do what you love. This story is about Agata Arakel, businesswoman, CoFounder & CEO at Arakel & Bus Inc., Founder & CEO at Wro-Two Construction Company, CEO at Royal Group International Transport Company, CoFounder at Arakel Group, and mother of 2 sons.

Born in Poland, Agata Arakel is living in Miami. She graduated from Psychology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and gained her master’s degree at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wroclaw. Her certifications clearly depict her interest in human psychology and her love for pursuing her education despite having herself immersed in various other projects. Her hobbies include horse, siking, and doing what she loves with her kids.

Agata Arakel is the perfect example of why one should do what they love so that they can lead themselves to a ladder of success. From an early age, Agata Arakel was interested in creating and working on new projects. Later in 2009, after she was born her first son she Co-Created one of the largest companies in Europe, Arakel Group, that produced LED-screens for visual advertisements. After the successful inception of Arakel Group, and after she was born second son Agata Arakel managed an international transport company named Royal Group International Transport Company. In 2015 Agata Arakel opened Wro-Two Construction Company. 

Currently, she is CoFounder of the digital marketing company, which is conquering the American markets with its incredible services. She is the CEO of Arakel & Bus Inc., which implements unique solutions on an international level by creating marketing systems and algorithms for business.

Other than being a successful CEO and founder, Agata Arakel has been the woman of her words and justified her personality with her management skills. She is an experienced manager who knows how to manage advanced projects and perfectly copes with the goals. At Wro-Two Construction Company, she has supervised infrastructure expansion projects in the city of Wroclaw in Poland. Moreover, she has been a cooperating hand and a content creator in various television programs. These television programs include reality shows with TVN TV Poland and Discovery TV in the US. At the production level, she has supervised and managed various TV show productions. The success of Tv shows produced by Agata Arakel speaks to her credibility in managing and creating the content.

Agata Arakel’s achievements aren’t the result of hard work of months but the hard work of several years as she has been working on creating projects since her early age. Her consistent vision of working on various projects together with full focus has made her flaunt all these successful projects. With her continuous hard work, she has managed to be entitled as a successful businesswoman in an era of sheer competition.

Other than a successful woman, Agata Arakel is indeed a kind human as well. She is not the only kind to humans but animals as well. The inception of charity foundations by Agata Arakel showcase her love and humbleness for animals. In the charity sector, Agata Arakel created foundations with Hrant Davoyan for homeless animals. The Hrant’s Ark Foundation helps in saving abandoned animals on the street, heals them, and finds them a new home. The Hrant’s Ark Foundation has over a dozen rescued dogs and finding homes in the United States.

The lesson behind this story: when you do what you love and stay consistent, you can achieve everything you are dreaming. Success doesn’t come within days of hard work but the years of hard work. Agata Arakel did what she loved to do, which made her keep going without having a feeling of burn out. Her consistency reveals that one can achieve several titles and roles by remaining consistent, determined, and passionate about life goals and at the same time have time for beloved sons and fulfill as a mother.

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