Author Beny Rey Has Announced The Release of His Riveting Memoir: Myself for Dummies II

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Author Beny Rey Has Announced The Release of His Riveting Memoir: Myself for Dummies II

Author Beny Rey, in conjunction with Fulton Publishing, has announced the release of his riveting memoir: Myself for Dummies IIHe was inspired to write after reflecting on his personal experiences as a proud Canadian and American dual citizen who once escaped the oppressive creative limitations of Cuba.

While he was born in Cuba, Beny does not have much to say about the country. He, along with his wife and daughter, escaped to Canada on May 26, 1987, when the plane they were on stopped to refuel in Gander, Newfoundland. The author recounts: “I ran away from both the Capitalist Cuba and Communist Cuba, essentially avoiding rule under Fulgencio Batista and Fidel Castro.” When asked about Cuban conditions at that time, Beny bleakly says: “My choices were to become a fulltime silent person, go to jail, paddle a chamber pot to go to Miami or to commit suicide.”

His sincerity is never in doubt: “The book is about what life has done to me and, of course, about what I have done to life”. Readers will learn the author’s views on a wide range of topics including potentially touchy subjects like prostitution and gay sexuality. Included in the book is a writing website’s feedback on Beny’s stories.

Taken together, this collection of memories, opinions, reflections, poetry, and miscellanea makes for a truly unique, if meandering, experience. While brazenly honest, this blend of autobiography and rumination takes some distractingly strange turns.

In Myself for Dummies II, Beny frames his life story against the common factors that all humans share. From disillusionment to the power of information, he highlights both the beauty and darkness in our world. After escaping from Cuba, Beny settled in North America, where he quickly discovered a new side of himself thanks to a higher level of personal freedom, technology, and artistic openness.

The author’s story of perseverance and strength will resonate with adult readers from a broad range of backgrounds. Myself for Dummies II is more than just the story of Beny’s life. Instead, he uses his own struggles as a mirror to explore philosophy, religion, politics, and an array of human emotions. As Beny aptly notes, “A social lie repeated many times becomes a social truth.”

About Beny Rey and Myself for Dummies II

Beny Rey is an industrial electrician with a passion for writing. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun. Beny currently resides in North Carolina. He can be found online at his website here.

Myself for Dummies II is available for purchase at Peppagush and readers can view the book trailer on Youtube.

In many ways, Myself for Dummies II is also a tribute to his father, who died in Cuba without realizing his dream of publishing articles and books due to the political climate. Today, he is proud to be a citizen of two nations who support his freedom to speak, write, and criticize at will.

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