Green Fields Solutions Inc, Releases its New Proprietary App called SCREENME

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Green Fields Solutions Inc, Releases its New Proprietary App called SCREENME

A New A.I. Driven Technology That Agnostically Serves Many Multi-Billion Dollar Industries.

The Founder & CEO, Ryan Wilson has assembled a dynamic team of Marketers, Software Developers and Architects, Silicone Valley playboys, innovators and techies that have produced in record time an App that not only has made revolutionary waves in the hiring, recruitment, and human resources industry, but has put many companies on notice that need help with hiring and filling key roles within their organizations. The ScreenMe Application is a simple but powerful tool that allows for businesses to interview massive amounts of individuals applying for a job posting INSTANTLY at the push of a button.

Hiring departments can now do interviews 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to find the right fit for their organization, saving them time and money, all the while lowering their company’s attrition rate by 40%. The human-like sounded voice quickly and accurately responds to the individuals answers in real-time. Unlike similar services, ScreenMe allows for the individual who are doing their interview to give not just yes and no answers but in-depth conversational responses to the questions that the company has set for the interview.

Driven by artificial intelligence The ScreenMe App is smart enough to recognize applicants phone number and the specific interview they are associated with, which is all time stamped and populated on the company dashboard for easy access and assortment.

The CMO, Lester Johnson said “If I had ScreenMe 10 years ago I would have a happier marriage today”. He declined to elaborate further. Having now gotten plenty of buzz, ScreenMe’s technology has leveled the playing field and emerged ahead of the rest. The ScreenMe core technology has applications that reach far beyond its pre-screening and interviewing purposes. ScreenMe’s core technology agnostically serves a multitude of applications and industries like, Covid19 Vaccine Follow-up, Pest Control Industry, Criminal Record expungement, Disaster Relief Industry, The Auto & Auto Insurance Industry, Life & Health Insurance Industry, The Real Estate Industry, and the Financial Services Industry to name a few.

Covid19 has placed us all in a new normal and with the emergence of new AI solutions tech firms like Green Fields Solutions Inc. it’s safe to say that with technology like this that not only helps businesses but the actual individuals who are job hunting and trying to make a living to take care of themselves and their families to properly social distance, stay home and safely do their job interviews virtually and over the phone at the time of their choice.

As Green Fields is set for its second round of funding, they are excited to take everyone along this journey with them.

Welcome to Green Fields Solutions Inc. “World’s First Bespoke Tech Firm”

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