Wigwolf Launches Indiegogo Campaign For His Latest Film – The Wet Ones

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Wigwolf Launches Indiegogo Campaign For His Latest Film – The Wet Ones

Multifaceted entertainer, Wigwolf, announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for his new project, The Wet Ones, a new film chronicling three interesting interconnected stories

Wigwolf has continued in his pursuit of disrupting the entertainment industry as he recently launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to fund the production of The Wet Ones. The project is the latest work from the versatile entertainer, as the music maker and recording artist looks to create “the most important and famous movie ever.”

The Wet Ones depicts three interconnected stories that include The Wet Ones, Kate Middleton’s Adventure, and Katy Perry’s Titanic Sinclair Kills Everything. The project is particularly unique as the movie will be filmed in several obsolete formats, including Video 8 tape, VHS tape, and Mini DV tape, giving it a nostalgic feeling and look that cannot be recreated by digital effects.

The first of the stories, The Wet Ones, narrates how The Toilet Woman and The Danish Creeper conspire to destroy Bunnula, the vampire bunny, and take away everything he loves. The Kate Middleton’s Adventure part of the project features the interesting story of Kate Middleton and how she saved a town from corrupt bobcats with the help of her talking car. The story also chronicles Kate’s flashbacks to her past life with Bunnula the vampire bunny. The third of the story is Titanic Sinclair Kills Everything, where Katy Perry goes off the rails and becomes an alcoholic after Titanic Sinclair murders everyone she knows. However, she retreats into her alter ego Miami drug lord Trey Sanchez to take revenge.

The Wet Ones is projected to rival great motion picture works such as Citizen Kane, featuring fake news clips and scenes from Wigwolf’s old Bunnula TV YouTube. The crowdfunding campaign will be an opportunity for backers to make history by being a part of one of the most talked-about movies in a long while. Backers also receive amazing rewards such as DVDs or t-shirt as they move up the tiers.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $3,000 to create a monumental great piece of pop art.

For more information about The Wet Ones and other works from Wigwolf, please visit – https://linktr.ee/Wigwolf.

About Wigwolf

Wigwolf is a creative that seeks to create music and film using traditional wolf recording techniques combined with the power of Katy Perry in order to transcend this realm.

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