LaTasha Ireland Owns One of the Best Consultant Coaching Firms in the Nation

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LaTasha Ireland Owns One of the Best Consultant Coaching Firms in the Nation

LaTasha Ireland, owner of iReLand Consulting, is making a big difference in the lives of many individuals and business owners. As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and Senior Enlisted Leader in the United States Air Force, LaTasha has extensive coaching skills and experience in both personal and business consulting.

“I know that sometimes the struggle is real,” LaTasha, a wife and mother, states on her website, Cultivate Through Struggles. “I know what it’s like to not have enough money for rent or trying to make a dream a reality.” 

LaTasha is especially focused on Personal Coaching, Business Consulting, and Behavioral Assessments. She is constantly working towards helping others make a difference in whatever area it is they need encouragement and training in. Her work is innovative, unique, and tailored to individuals rather than cookie-cutter methods.

LaTasha specializes in helping individuals, families, communities, and businesses discover the power they possess within to get through tough times triumphantly. She offers the tools and equipment clients need to step up to challenges and come out winning. 

In the business realm, LaTasha works alongside clients to structure businesses and devise business plans. She assists with employee handbooks and helps create performance review material as well as working hand-in-hand with clients to develop and vet their employees. 

Where individual counseling and coaching are concerned, LaTasha’s passion is to assist in self-discovery including helping to customize behavioral styles, strengths, and weaknesses, and to identify motivators. In offering her expertise in those areas, she is able to promote cultivation through struggles.

Along with her business and personal consulting, LaTasha is involved in the Women of Color Movement, an organization that addresses the struggles women of color face, specifically. The movement embraces the reality that women of color not only deal with racially-based issues, but problems encountered by women as well. The movement came to life after the women’s movement that addressed the struggles of women in general, but not those specific to women of color. Through her involvement in the Women of Color Movement, LaTasha hopes to influence other women of color to rise up and become champions in whatever struggles they are involved in.

Global Youth Initiative holds another soft spot for LaTasha.  Empowering youth is one of her missions as she strives to help young people become inspired and equipped through the worldwide group so they will attain a positive self-image as well as respect for themselves and others. Global Youth Initiative works with children ages 8-18.

LaTasha is a Certified Coach.  She is also a teacher, mentor, speaker, workshop leader, and trainer.  She is quick to admit that it was within her own struggles that she discovered the power within her own self that equipped her with the desire to learn more about helping others. Through the use of tried and true resources and personal experience, LaTasha continues to master the skilled art of coaching and consulting.

To find out more about LaTasha Ireland and her professional services, visit her website, iReLand Consulting.

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